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We’re Moving to Wellesley!

Wolfers Lighting has moved out of our Waltham showroom, and we’ll be moving into a new boutique showroom in Wellesley! The new showroom will open soon, with the exact date to be announced. In the meantime, our lighting specialists continue to be available for virtual and in-person consultations at our System 7 Experience Center in Boston.

Our new showroom is designed to spark inspiration and illustrate key lighting concepts, with a selection of decorative lighting from our favorite manufacturers and an immersive new architectural lighting studio. Just like always, our lighting specialists will be there to help you navigate the available options, but with new tools and displays.

We’ll be sharing more details about our new space in the coming weeks. Learn more and see a sneak peek of the new space below. Sign up for updates to stay in touch with the latest news, see the answers to common questions in our FAQ, and feel free to reach out to us with any additional questions. We are so excited for this new chapter, and cannot wait to share it with you!

Highlights of the Wellesley Showroom

Our lighting specialists, there as always, to help you select the best lighting for your home.

A selection of decorative lighting from our favorite manufacturers.

A shading gallery with motorized shades from Boston Shade Company.

A lighting control system integrated into the space for you to explore.

An immersive architectural lighting studio with a focus on new technology, like Human-Centric Lighting.

Progress Photos & Updates

Here’s a sneak peek of our new space.


Wellesley FAQ

As we prepare for our move and start to build our new Wellesley showroom, here are answers to a few common questions we’ve been receiving. If you have any other questions about our move, please feel free to contact us!


Our new showroom will be in Wellesley Square.

The new showroom will be opening soon, with the exact date to be announced.

We’re moving because the lighting industry is evolving, and a boutique showroom will better meet our clients’ needs. We believe that the next generation of lighting showrooms will be immersive and interactive spaces with a focus on education and demonstrating lighting concepts. At our new space in Wellesley, we will create a modern showroom experience that reflects this evolution.

In a traditional lighting showroom, the focus is showing as many light fixtures as possible in various shapes, sizes, and styles. This model no longer fits today’s world, with the increasing number of options available and the increasing convenience of online shopping.

Attempting to browse hundreds or thousands of options in person leads to visual chaos in the showroom and a challenging shopping experience. Online, it’s much easier to filter and compare the options to meet your preferences and needs.

However, there’s still a need for guidance when selecting a light fixture, and some aspects of lighting really need to be seen in person. This is the new role of the lighting showroom. Rather than attempting to show a large number of fixtures, a lighting showroom can be an educational space where you can see how different kinds of lighting make a space feel, and what different options like finishes and glass look like. Lighting specialists can help you navigate the possibilities both in the showroom and online, and help you select the right lighting for your home.

Our Wellesley showroom will differ from the Waltham showroom in a few ways, including:

  • We will show a smaller selection of decorative lighting that will rotate more frequently, illustrating important lighting concepts and highlighting new and innovative styles.
  • Home technology such as lighting and shading controls will be integrated into the space. For example, you will be able to control the light fixtures via keypads and iPads.
  • All the fixtures on display will be dimmable so you can better understand how they might look in your home.
  • We will have an immersive Ketra display that will allow you to experience Human-Centric Lighting, and see how tunable LED lighting can transform your living space.
  • A reimagined architectural lighting display will demonstrate techniques such as wallwashing and accent lighting. You will be able to see how a fixture looks in the ceiling, as well as how it makes a space feel.
  • All fixtures available for purchase at the showroom will be shipped directly to your home.

As we transition from one space to the other, our lighting specialists will be available for virtual consultations. In-person consultations will also be available by appointment at our System 7 Experience Center in the Boston Design Center.

At the Experience Center, we have a curated collection of decorative lighting, featuring favorite brands like Hubbardton Forge and Sonneman. We also have an architectural lighting studio with a display of the latest LED recessed and linear lighting.

Appointments for virtual consultations and in-person consultations at the Experience Center can be scheduled through our website or by calling us at 781-890-5995.

Our customer service team will still be available by phone at 781-890-5995 or through the contact form on our website.

If you have a return or exchange, please contact customer service. We will provide a shipping label for the fixtures to be picked up by UPS.

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