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Home automation and technology design are all about allowing you to live easier in your space. It’s pressing one button to light a pathway to your kitchen when you walk into your house so you’re not trying to fumble with your groceries while turning on lights. It’s playing music from your iPhone and integrating all of your streaming services with the TVs throughout your home. It’s controlling your climate from your phone, or receiving text messages when your heat drops below 68 degrees. It’s logging in from a phone or tablet to watch the feed from your security cameras, giving you peace of mind when you’re out of town. It’s about customizing a system to meet your specific needs for a particular space.

Seura Vanishing Vanity TV Mirror

However, home technology that functions perfectly doesn’t simply “happen.” Sure, most of us can hook up something simple, like Amazon Echo or Google Home. But if you’re building a new home or doing a complete renovation, you should seriously consider choosing a technology design firm. Since 2017, Wolfers Lighting has been a part of System 7 Technology Design. If you want everything to integrate seamlessly with each other, we can simplify the process. We can help you get it done right, and exactly the way you want it, the first time.

We’re committed to providing our clients with the simplest-to-use technology products that will work reliably together in the modern home. With a team of trained architects, System 7 understands design, and our approach is a fusion of tried and true best practices from the world of architecture coupled with deep technical expertise. We help eliminate concerns about overspending on proprietary systems while ensuring that you are investing in the right digital infrastructure for now and for the future.

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