Automated shades are a practical yet sophisticated addition to any home, and a natural complement to any lighting design. Shading is the most efficient way to manage natural sunlight with the benefit of adding drama, color and elegance to a space.

By pairing an innovative approach to technology design with the leading shading products in the industry, the amount of natural light in your space can be tailored to you. With our colleagues at System 7 and The Boston Shade Company, we simplify the design process for our clients and provide a single point of contact for all their lighting, shading, and technology needs. With everything managed by one team, we can ensure that everything works together seamlessly.

Explore the Benefits of Automated Shading

Solar Control

Automated shades allow you to fine-tune the natural light in a room at the touch of a button. Nearly silent motors mean these shades are designed to enhance a space without distraction.

Choose from a variety of light-filtering opacities to reduce the amount of light entering the room, or choose opaque room-darkening shades to block out light almost completely.

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Both function and form guide our design process. We believe that the finished product should function reliably as well as augment the aesthetics of the space.

We design shading solutions to your specifications with attention to every detail – from the choice of the fabric, to the finish of the hardware, to the design of the control on the wall.

Our shades allow you to personalize and define a space that is custom to you, and our wide variety of style options ensures your automated window treatments complement and enhance your decor.


Privacy treatments softly screen the interior of your space from those outside. Well-crafted design leverages the benefits of natural light while providing separation from the rest of the world.

Automated operating systems integrate smoothly with control systems, allowing you to take on the day with confidence that your workspace, belongings, family, and yourself are shielded from outside exposure.

Lutron Shade

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