Featured Light: Estiluz-Infiore Pendant

Estiluz-Infiore Pendant

This stunning pendant provides just the right pop of color in an otherwise artistically bare room, as the modern style depicts a “less is more” appearance.

The Infiore is composed of a group of petals in bi-injected polycarbonate, creating unexpected color effects. Glass diffuser on top and bottom. Bulb protected by satin glass. Adjustable height.

ITEM NUMBER: T5805-74-28


DIMENSIONS: 10 1/4”h x 21 5/8”w

BULB: 120 watt

OPTIONS: Green (as shown), Gray, White

The complementary lights, Halo’s LED H4 collection, add to the modern look and feel of this kitchen. Halo’s LED adjustable gimbals provide a warm wash of light to the cabinets, while the LED Square down lights provide energy-efficient task lighting for the island. In addition, the Lutron Vierti dimmers perform like no other lighting control system, as the perfect light level can be set with a single touch or slide of a finger.

Complementary Products Creating This Style:

Halo LED H4 Square

Multiple 4" baffle and reflector options allow the Halo H4 LED recessed downlight to be used in a variety of interior spaces. Choose desired reflector finish and trim style to meet the customized needs of your application.

Lutron Vierti Single-Touch Dimmer

The dimmer’s touch LED bar adjusts light to any activity and will return light to your favorite level. Multi-location dimming is available for all load types. Appropriate source types including fluorescent and LED lighting. Choose from a variety of LED colors and wallplate finishes.

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    • Minimalist look
    • Natural light
    • Neutral tones
    • Bold geometric shapes
    • Primary colors
    • Clean lines
    • Absence of ornamentation
    • Single tone finishes
    • No texture
    • Less is more
    • Simple yet sophisticated finish

    Creating a Contemporary + Modern Style

    The contemporary+modern lighting style refers to looks that are “of the day.” Clean lines and single tone finishes shown in this kitchen are what characterize the contemporary+modern style. Natural light and neutral color tones are used to reflect a simple and minimalist look.


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