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The Green Scheme

Jasmine Lighting

Visit Wolfers’ new Green Zone to learn how to incorporate energy-wise lighting into your projects.

LED lighting products, from down lights to under-cabinet lights, are appearing on shelves throughout the country.  But what does anyone really know about LEDs and the challenges controlling them?

LEDs are generating a lot of excitement because of their unique combination of features, including:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Long Life
  • Compact Size
  • Good Color Rendering

In a time when “going green” is a huge trend, LEDs excel thanks to their energy efficiency. A 25-Watt LED down light is equivalent to a 100-Watt incandescent.

One of the main challenges with LEDs is that they are still a developing light source with mostly undefined standards, meaning they aren’t always compatible with existing products. Another challenge has been that they are not always dimmable, or when they claim to be, they actually are not. When selecting an LED product, you need to ask:

  • To what level do the LEDs dim?
  • What dimmers work with the product?
  • Have the dimmer and product been tested together?

Source: Lutron 2009


Follow along with blog postings on Freegreen.com as the Glazer family guides readers through the decisions, challenges, and excitement of building a new green home. From lighting to HVAC systems to wood products, the Glazers are eager to incorporate green products into their home located in Needham, MA.

The family is eager to share this experience with others interested in sustainable building practices. “We would love for our project to demonstrate that traditional and green don’t need to be mutually exclusive. If we can help change the perspective of the traditional builder and/or the traditional home buyer, we can ultimately help make mainstream building practices more environmentally friendly.”

Wolfers provided green lighting options for the Glazer’s Green Home Project. To learn how you can incorporate energy efficient lighting products into your home, visit a Wolfers showroom or make an appointment with a lighting consultant today. To follow the progress of the Glazer’s home, click here.


Source: Freegreen.com

What is happening at Wolfers



Wolfers Green Zone

We invite you to our Wolfers Green Residential Lighting Seminars on October 22. You’ll meet with industry experts, and see firsthand the latest in LED and other new green products. Technology is changing quickly and this is a great opportunity to gain a better understanding of what new light sources and applications are best suited for your renovation or new construction projects.

Wolfers Green Residential Lighting Seminars
Featuring New Interactive Product Demonstrations

Date: Thursday, October 22nd
Time: Session # 1. 11am – 12:30pm (Lunch)
           Session # 2. 4:30pm – 6pm (Refreshments)
Place: Wolfers Allston Showroom
           103 North Beacon Street, Allston

RSVP for the session you prefer to sales@wolfers.com or call
617.254.0700 x5538