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The Green Scheme
LED lighting

Visit Wolfers’ new Green Zone to learn how to incorporate energy-wise lighting into your projects.

LED lighting fixtures provide environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient sources of light for your project. At Wolfers Lighting, we get a lot of inquiries regarding which LED application is best. We can help you separate the fact from fiction when it comes to the truth about LED lighting.

Here is some information to help you better understand LEDs:

  • LEDs have a long life, but like all light sources, they slowly fade over time.
  • LEDs do not radiate infrared heat, only visible light. However, waste heat is produced during the conversion from electricity to light and may harm the LEDs if it is not properly removed from the lighting system.
  • By any measure, illuminance or luminance, LEDs have enough light output for use in even very large outdoor daylight visible installations.
  • The ROI for the use of LED lighting systems in an installation is surprisingly rapid when taking maintenance and energy cost savings into consideration.

Source: Philips Solid State Lighting Solutions

To see for yourself what LED lighting applications will look best in your client’s home and to learn about other green lighting products, visit a Wolfers showroom or make an appointment with a lighting consultant today by calling 617-254-0700 in Allston or 781-890-5995 in Waltham. Or visit us at

Hot Designs

This issue features a bendable single circuit track system and a pendant by Bruck.

JASMINE is a unique glass pendant with an illuminated adjustable counterweight (patent). The counterweight is made of high quality frosted glass and holds a 5 watt festoon-lamp. The pendant features a frosted white outer glass, which illuminates the inner color glass with a colorful glow. The inner shade is made of cased glass available in cobalt blue, amber and white (as shown in the image). Jasmine comes complete with a lamp and automatic shut off transformer in canopy.

ENZIS is a sleek 12V single circuit track system with flowing curves and angles. It moves effortlessly and elegantly whether semi-flush mounted or suspended, free from obtrusive angle connectors. It is composed of a flexible extrusion with conductive braiding and integral malleable rods that allow field bent smooth curves or sharp angles (2" min. radius) without rigid supports. Enzis track is also available with rigid rods for straight track segments.

Jasmine Lighting

Track Lighting

What is happening



Wolfers Green Zone

Spring Home Design Seminar Series – Sustainable Living
Sponsored by DESIGN New England and Van Millwork
June 4th from 10:00 am-12:00 pm
Wolfers Allston Showroom
103 North Beacon Street, Allston, MA 02134

Environmentally-friendly ideas that work in your home, including solar electric power, solar thermal hot water, geothermal heating and cooling systems, and green doors and lighting. Wolfers is the host for the day and a featured expert.

Spring Home Design Seminar Series – The Great Outdoors
Sponsored by DESIGN New England and Van Millwork
June 18th from 10:00 am-12:00 pm
Van Millwork Showroom
65 Crawford Street, Needham, MA 02646

Find countless ways to improve your outdoor living areas, from outdoor kitchen designs to lighting suggestions. Wolfers is a featured expert.

The seminars are free. Space is limited so please register.