The Green Zone Lighting Labs

Visit Wolfers’ green lighting lab, the Green Zone, in our Allston or Waltham showrooms to learn all you need to know about green technology and energy-efficient lighting. Using lighting control systems, LED lights, and other green lighting solutions in your home, office, store, or restaurant not only betters the world we live in, but it also reduces the cost of your electric bills and the need for frequent maintenance.

Our Green Zone lets you experience green lighting options in a live setting, with our expert lighting consultants available to guide you through the latest lighting technologies. Explore all of your dimming options, play with lighting design and room styles to create different lighting scenes, and learn how to coordinate color temperature with paint and fabrics.

Whether you have architectural plans or a bright idea in mind, now is the perfect time to visit the Green Zone and explore today’s new and rapidly changing green lighting products and technologies. Our expert lighting consultants will work with you to create the best lighting plan for you and select the right lighting fixtures that match your room style and project needs.

Clients appreciate the Green Zone because they can visualize how the green light sources will work in their homes or businesses. From lighting control systems to LED lights, these energy-efficient options provide substantial reductions in energy consumption, offering significant savings on your electric bill.

We invite you to visit our Green Zone and learn how these energy-efficient lighting options can enhance your space while saving you money and time.Feel free to schedule an appointment for a lighting design consultation or join us for one of our educational seminars, where Wolfers introduces new light sources and products while teaching you how to incorporate sustainable, green lighting technology into your projects.

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