Lighting Controls

Lighting controls by Lutron play an integral role in the lighting design of every room in your home. Lighting controls give you the flexibility to design a lighting plan with multiple uses and decorative effects. With the touch of a button, today’s sophisticated light dimming systems enable you to lower a room’s light level in an effort to conserve energy and increase the life of the bulb. Lighting controls also allow you to vary the mood of a room. See the mood of your kitchen transform from a brightly lit atmosphere, ideal for reading a new recipe, to a dimly lit intimate dinner with close friends. In addition to altering the intensity of the light to suit the activity of the room, controls also let you create and save a number of different lighting scenes for each room.

Wolfers Lighting is proud to be known as a Lutron 5-star showroom. As a seller of Lutron products, both Wolfers locations have been declared 5-star showrooms, meaning we have more training and display capabilities than the majority of other lighting showrooms in the country. Lutron handpicks a selected number of 5-star lighting locations throughout the U.S. and Canada each year.

To qualify for Lutron’s 5-star category, Wolfers follows these criteria:

  • Provide a working experience destination for Lutron products – from dimmers, lighting control systems, shades, fixtures, and more
  • Align with certified installers to provide home system and shading solutions
  • Host events throughout the year to promote lighting control solutions
  • Become fully trained on all Lutron residential lighting solutions

Types of Lighting Controls:

Lutron Integrated Dimming Systems:Create multiple preset lighting scenes within a room. Scenes can be recalled with the touch of a button from a single wall box or with hand-held wireless remote controls.

Lutron Touch Dimmers: Vary the intensity of the lighting while depressing the button. These systems permit one-touch recall of the previous lighting level. Some are equipped with indicator lights that provide a continual readout of the lighting intensity.

Lutron Slide Dimmers: Provide full-range, manual dimming control. Some are equipped with a touch-button that allows you to return to the previous lighting level. Others have an indicator light that glows in the dark for easy location.

Lutron Shade Control Systems: Create instant privacy and can prevent UV rays from damaging your furniture. Additionally, shade controls are a good way to save on HVAC in the summer and will help insulate your home in the winter, reducing heating bills.

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