Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting provides general, task, or accent lighting inconspicuously. Installed in the ceiling with only the trim showing, recessed light fixtures can be used anywhere for home lighting, including outdoors under eaves. They are ideal for low-ceiling areas, and with a special adapter, they can also be used in cathedral ceilings. They are available as downlights, adjustable accent lights, and wall washers in both standard and low-voltage current, with a choice of incandescent light bulbs, tungsten-halogen light bulbs, energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs and LED light sources.

At the sink and range, an individual recessed downlight, equipped with the correct light bulb, provides adequate task lighting when installed in the ceiling or in soffits over these two busy work areas. Recessed lighting placed strategically in a kitchen gives fantastic task lighting. This, in combination with other task lighting, can be both beautiful and functional.

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