Kitchen + Bath Lighting Tips

Kitchen Lighting Tips:

  • The kitchen is primarily a work area, but it is also a gathering place for family and friends. Comfortable, functional kitchen lighting is required.
  • Think about the lighting you have had in the past, how you will be using your new kitchen space, and what you hope to achieve in your new kitchen.
  • A central ceiling light with under-cabinet in the task areas may be sufficient for a small kitchen. Larger kitchens present opportunities for using different light sources in combination.
  • Recessed lighting effectively illuminates counter and island areas with higher levels of light. Be sure to place the lights almost directly over the counters to avoid creating shadows.
  • For counter areas with cabinets directly above, under-cabinet lights can be placed to eliminate shadows and dark areas. Under-cabinet lighting should generally be placed toward the front of the cabinet, with the light source hitting the backsplash.
  • Placing linear light sources,including LED, above the cabinets is a beautiful design element that also adds function to your new kitchen. This will either brighten the ceiling or create a warm glow.
  • Pendants, mini pendants, or decorative chandeliers can be placed over the island or table for task lighting as well as for more ambient lighting.
  • Explore our Green Zone to discover the great kitchen lighting options available in LED lights and fluorescent lighting. Learn how dimmers and lighting control systems can reduce power consumption and save you money on your energy bill.

Bathroom Lighting Tips:

  • For bathroom lighting, you need plenty of even, shadow-free lighting for shaving, grooming, and applying makeup. In small bathrooms, mirror lights will illuminate the entire room, but in larger bathrooms, an additional ceiling light fixture is needed for general lighting.
  • Wall-mounted light fixtures furnish general lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Many are designed to match and supplement dining room chandeliers, or to provide hallway, bedroom, or living room lighting. Wall brackets are often used for task lighting at the bathroom mirror. They are available with a choice of incandescent, tungsten-halogen, energy-efficient compact fluorescent and LED light bulbs.
  • Tub and shower enclosures can be adequately lit by placing an enclosed damp-location recessed downlight in the ceiling. These downlights are also recommended over whirlpool baths or in saunas. Recessed lights are not only functional but decorative as well.
  • Fixtures equipped with standard incandescent, xenon, LED, or halogen bulbs behind glass globes provide the most flattering light. If you opt for more energy-efficient fluorescents over standard incandescents, choose warm white tones, as these closely resemble the color of incandescents.
  • Decorative wall brackets on each side will illuminate both sides of your face evenly. You can also mount a wall bracket across the top of the mirror. A combination of the two will give you the most desirable light possible.
  • For proper mirror lighting, place sconces with glare-free glass diffusers ideally 36” apart for even illumination or above the mirror above eye level to avoid glare. Shower and bath recessed lighting fixtures suitable for wet locations provide the additional light needed for these areas.

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