Not All Home Automation “Solutions” Are Created Equal

Home automation doesn’t simply “happen.” Sure, most of us can hook up something simple, like Amazon Echo or Google Home.

But if you want everything—lighting, shades, climate control, digital media, streaming services, smart phones and tablets, security systems, and so forth—to integrate not only with each other, but also in a way that doesn’t distract or detract from your home’s décor, you should use a professional home automation and technology design firm.

Wolfers, along with our partners at System 7 and The Boston Shade Company, can take care of your home automation.

System 7 technology designers are committed to embracing the simplest-to-use technology products that will work reliably together in the integrated home environment. With a team of trained architects, we understand design. Our approach is a fusion of tried and true best practices from the world of architecture with deep technical expertise. With extensive knowledge of open-standards-based technologies and emerging technology trends, we help eliminate concerns about overspending on proprietary systems while ensuring that you are investing in the right digital infrastructure for now and for the future—all while using the best products from Wolfers Lighting and The Boston Shade Company.

Three Brands, Working Together
In 2017, Wolfers Lighting merged with System 7 and The Boston Shade Company so that we could combine our expertise and provide one partner for your home automation needs—a partner that can bring it all together for you, seamlessly AND beautifully.

We’re three distinct brands working together to deliver excellent solutions. We handle home automation and technology design for…
New construction. Whether you’re building your dream home, second home, or a bucolic development featuring dozens of luxury homes for other people, our team can be your go-to resource.
Renovations. Adding on or building up (or out), our team can make sure the technology design matches the vision you have for your new space.
Retrofits. If you love your existing space and simply want to integrate technology into it, we can take care of that—seamlessly.

The Benefits of Working with Our Team

  • One point of contact. No need to contract a lighting firm, a shades expert, and an installer, etc.
  • Combined expertise. You’ll have a team that will make sure your project is done right from start to finish.
  • New construction, renovations, retrofits. We handle them all.
  •  Extensive knowledge of open-standards-based technologies and emerging technology trends. Say goodbye to concerns about overspending on proprietary systems or wondering what systems to get.
  • Excellent product selections in terms of light fixtures, automated shades, and more.

Ready to get started? Let’s discuss your home automation project.