Who We Work With

Wolfers Lighting works with successful and talented interior designers, architects, builders, contractors, homeowners, and more. Trade professionals consider us to be an essential partner when planning the lighting portion of their client’s new home, office renovation, or other construction project. Our experts infuse your project with technical expertise and appropriate lighting solutions.

From our experience, the lighting portion of any new construction or renovation project can be very challenging. At the start of a major renovation, the owner is typically unfamiliar with the importance of lighting as a key component to the success of their project. However, at some point, the electrical contractor will ask the builder or homeowner, “What lights are going where?” Someone needs to devise a lighting plan. This is whereour expertise comes into play. As a key member of the construction process, Wolfers will guide and supply the right lighting that satisfies the client’s aesthetics, create solid lighting functionality and keep within the budget constraints of the job.

We offer on-site planning sessions and design consultations to you and your construction team to ensure the lighting project runs smoothly and enhances the overall renovation and building experience.In addition, Wolfers also hosts various seminars and workshops, for both homeowners and trade professionals, to introduce new LED products, present other energy efficient light sources and discuss lighting application techniques. After meeting with a Wolfers Lighting consultant, the homeowner or trade professional will feel empowered and confident in making the best lighting choices that enhances and adds value to their project.

Project management is integral to the success of new construction.Wolfers works closely with your general contractor and his team of sub-contractors to provide timely deliveries, as we spend a tremendous amount of attention to detail and focus on completingproject specifications. All of these services make Wolfers Lighting your preferred lighting supplier.

Wolfers Lighting is a proud member of the following trade organizations:

  • American Lighting Association (ALA)
  • National Association of Remodelers of Eastern Massachusetts (NARI)
  • Builders Association of Greater Boston (BAGB)
  • International Furnishing and Design Association (IFDA)
  • Design Lighting Forum (DLF)

Wolfers supports many activities of these trade associations, including charitable donations to the Ronald McDonald House, Haiti Fund, Habitat for Humanity and other worthwhile causes.

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