Our Approach To Lighting

Lighting reflects and serves how you want to live, work and play. No one understands this better than Wolfers Lighting. Our lighting consultants work with you and your construction team every step of the way to develop the right lighting plan for you that balances style, function and efficiency.

Whether it’s new construction or old renovations, residential or commercial, large or small, Wolfers’ lighting consultants approach each project with a commitment to satisfying your lighting needs, to working collaboratively with all team members of the construction process, and most importantly, to creating a lighting plan and furnished lighting product that perfectly suits the project.

At Wolfers, we start at the beginning. We take the time to get to know the client and fully understand the scope of the project. In order to create a successful lighting design that is right for you, our team takes a thoughtful approach. We work together towards achieving a plan that enhances the room’s architecture and interiors, meets all visual acuity concerns, utilizes energy efficient light sources and meets all budget and time parameters.

We work diligently with our clients to first develop an overall conceptual design. From there, we specify integrated lighting, recessed and built-in fixtures, and then select decorative elements. Our expert lighting consultants provide recommendations for placement and switching. Along with their extensive lighting knowledge, our experienced team uses the resources of our unique lighting labs and displays so that the client can explore all options to achieve a creative yet functional lighting design.

Thanks to our merger with System 7 and The Boston Shade Company, we also offer shading, home automation, and technology design services.