Commercial Lighting

Wolfers expert lighting consultants work together with architects, contractors, designers, property owners and end users to achieve the right commercial lighting plan for your office, store, or restaurant. With each new commercial lighting project, we create customized lighting designs based off of our wide selection and purchase of specific lighting products from the industry’s top manufacturers.

Since 1931, Wolfers Lighting has furnished lighting for offices, stores, and restaurants in Greater Boston and New England. We understand the special attention and requirements commercial lighting entails and we do everything possible to meet the design, budget and time constraints of each project.

Past Commercial Lighting Projects

picMarathon Sports

Marathon Sports, located in Wellesley, MA, was spending hundreds of dollars each year to light up their small retail store and its product windows. Open 60 hours a week, the cost of replacement bulbs and the hours of labor needed to replace these bulbs quickly accumulated. Using 120v halogen spotlights, Marathon Sports could not afford these costs any longer, especially with plans to renovate and expand the store on the horizon.

Wolfers stepped in to find the right lighting plan that meets their needs and their budget. Lighting consultants upgraded the Marathon Sports store with energy-efficient lighting products to light up their displays and product windows. Green lighting products are generally a more cost effective and energy-efficient lighting solution. Wolfers installed fluorescent track heads, creating a layer of even shadow-free light. Our team then installed highly efficient High Intensity Discharge (HID) spotlights. The switch to green lighting allowed Marathon Sports to double the size of their store, while reducing the total wattage consumption and tripling the life expectancy of their store’s light bulbs. Wolfers Lighting was happy to help Marathon Sports save ample amounts of time, money and energy.

Since the completion of this project, we recently went back to both Marathon Sports locations and upgraded a number of track lights and recessed lights to new LED lamps. With a combination of utility rebates and newly supplied lower-wattage LED lights, Marathon Sports has reduced their lighting consumption by almost two thirds, while still providing the same amount of light output.

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picMulberry Road

Wolfers Lighting recently worked with Mulberry Road, a children’s store located on Newbury Street in downtown Boston. This commercial lighting project required a lighting plan that would be energy saving yet cost effective, as the store is open for 8 to 10 hours each day.

A Wolfers lighting design consultant collaborated with the storeowner to find the best energy-efficient lighting solution for Mulberry Road. Wolfers chose LED lights, specifically Lightolier track heads, because these LED heads use only 17 watts per fixture – two-thirds less wattage than a 50-watt MR16 bulb – and light the retail space warmly and appropriately. Additionally, the LED track lights have a life of 50,000 hours, lasting 15 years before needing replacement and emitting less heat than an MR16 bulb.These provide remarkable savings in cost and energy.

Mulberry Road will not only avoid the hassles of re-lamping their light fixtures every month, but they will also save a great deal of money on their electric bills. One particular note about this project is that it qualified for an NSTAR pre-approved utility rebate, which helped fund the use of these energy-efficient LED lights.

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picDabblers Hobbies + Café

Dabblers Hobbies + Café is a unique hobby shop based out of Concord, MA, offering customers a space to learn, eat, and gather supplies for their hobby projects. The store recently relocated into a former car dealer space and was in need of a lighting plan that would accommodate the store’s high ceilings and offer the task lighting needed for their frequent demonstrations and classes held in the store.
Wolfers stepped in to help them light their new retail space with metal halide lighting fixtures and
energy-saving fluorescent bulbs. In doing that, we were able to eliminate the need for changing light bulbs, a difficult task to perform with high ceilings. This commercial lighting project also kept the store’s energy consumption as low as possible, while still supplying the right amount of task lighting needed for Dabblers to continue their customer events.