Your Questions about LED Recessed Lighting Answered

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Recessed LED Lighting is often used for ambient lighting.

If you’re renovating or if you’re building a new home, recessed lighting has probably crossed your mind, and why not? It’s one of the most common approaches to ambient lighting and for good reason.

Recessed lighting benefits:

  • Aesthetics. Because lighting is recessed above the ceiling plane, the room feels bigger. Also, recessed lights are unobtrusive. They don’t draw attention to themselves.
  • Versatility. Paired with a dimmer, recessed lighting offers many uses of a single space it can allow plenty of light to see by and then be dimmed down based on your needs..


This is a new construction recessed LED Gimbal.

What kinds of recessed lighting are available?

  • The most straightforward, these fixtures cast light downward and are available in a variety of apertures, thanks to LEDs. Recessed downlights make perfect ambient lighting.
  • Adjustable fixtures. Adjustable fixtures offer the flexibility of manual aiming so you can zero in on something specific, such as artwork.
  • Wall washers. Wall washers can serve as an accent light to highlight unique wallpaper or woodwork, and the extra light makes the room feel bigger.

From a practical, installation standpoint, recessed lighting comes in new construction and remodeler styles, with a second consideration if insulation will be touching your fixtures. Your electrician or general contractor should be able to help determine what you need.


What should you consider when choosing recessed lighting?

  • LED vs incandescent lamping which one should you select? Integral LED fixtures come with some investment, but are longer lasting and generally have longer warranties.
  • Where is the lighting going? Kitchens, living rooms, and other high-use areas can benefit from LED recessed fixtures with integral LED engines and higher CRIs. High-traffic areas that are used throughout the day benefit from the low energy consumption and less maintenance.

Need some suggestions? Here are a couple of our favorites. We usually have these stocked in both showrooms (just ask one of our lighting experts who can confirm immediate availability).

Halo's H4 Series offeres LED Recessed fixtures with a wide array of options.

  1. Halo’s H4 Series. This dependable 4″ LED fixture offers up brightness that’s equivalent to a 60-watt LED, along with plenty of trim styles, adjustable configurations, and even a wall-wash version. Housings are available in new construction and retrofit.

Juno's 2" LED Recessed fixtures give a sophisticated look with their small aperture.

  1. Juno’s 2″ LED downlights. Looking for something a little smaller? Juno’s 2″ LED downlights and adjustable fixtures produce either 600 or 1000 lumens with a 2″ aperture for a sleek look. You can choose from a variety of trim finishes as well.

Have questions? We’d love to hear about your project. Consider making an appointment with a lighting specialist.


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