Wolfers Lighting Spotlight: Meet Timothy Carroll

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We’re starting a new feature on our blog where you can get to know our lighting experts a little better. This way, when you walk into one of our showrooms, you might feel like you’re approaching someone you already know rather than a “salesperson.”

We tend to avoid the word “salesperson” anyway, since we want to be partners in your lighting design: that person you can count on to give you great advice when you need it.

This is Timothy, from our Waltham Showroom

First up in our spotlight series is Timothy Carroll. That’s him to the right working hard on some lighting design plans.

Timothy is our assistant showroom manager in our Waltham store. He is also an ALA Lighting Specialist and an all-around nice, friendly guy. So definitely say hello when you see him.

Below, we asked Timothy a few quick questions that will help you get to know him better.


Q: Why lighting? What drew you to the lighting industry?

Timothy: What I love is that the lighting industry is always changing. There’s never a dull moment.

It’s an industry that brings together fashion, architecture, and technology. New products and materials are constantly entering the marketplace. Trends constantly change, lamp sources operate more efficiently, and the ways we control light become more adaptable. It’s an exciting industry to work in!


Q: What are some lighting tips you wish everyone followed?

Timothy: The biggest tip I can offer is this: think in terms of “layered lighting.” A well-lit space almost always uses layers of lighting. For example, a dining room can involve several sources of lighting. A chandelier can be a focal point over the table with coordinating sconces mounted above a buffet to complete a formal look. Indirect cove lights can draw your eye up to a detailed coffered ceiling while recessed lights can highlight artwork on the walls. With layered lighting, you’re essentially creating a “symphony of light;” everything works together, just like musicians in an orchestra, to evoke a mood. 


Q: The Waltham showroom now has a motorized shades display. How do electronic shades affect this layered lighting strategy?

Timothy: People often overlook their ability to control the amount of natural light that enters a space. Being able to diffuse or block out natural light with electronic shades can have just as much impact as the light fixtures in the room. We’re thrilled about our merger with The Boston Shade Company because we can now offer customers this additional lighting control.


Q: What’s your current favorite lighting product?

Timothy: I have a soft spot in my heart for all things handmade. The Mobius LED mini pendant (pictured below) by Hubbardton Forge incorporates incredible artistry with modern materials and new lighting technology to create a beautiful product.

 Hubbardton Forge's Mobius LED Pendant

Stop by our Waltham lighting showroom soon and say hello to Timothy!

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