Staff Spotlight: Meet Jennette Kollmann from System 7

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Today, we shine the spotlight on another one of our fabulous team members: Jennette Kollmann. Jennette works in design and sales for our technology division, System 7.


Where did you begin your career?  


Jennette: I received my master’s degree in lighting design from Carnegie Mellon University and began designing for theater and live events in New York City. I expanded my design background to broadcast television, working on shows for CNN, ABC, and NBC. 

I then worked with the Blue Man Group, designing for their special appearances and video production team. My family and I were also fortunate enough to live in London for a year while I designed the lighting for the Bloomberg TV studio. We loved exploring a new culture.


When did you join the Wolfers Lighting team? And how and when did you transition over to our technology design division, System 7?  

Jennette: Two years ago, I came upon Wolfers Lighting. I joined their showroom sales team and worked with customers to select decorative lighting for their homes. This great opportunity allowed me to expand my lighting design to residential and commercial lighting.

Shortly after joining, I transitioned to the assistant showroom manager in Waltham. I was able to gain better insights on how the business was run and was able to connect with some key customers.

Once the merger with Wolfers and System 7 happened, I took the opportunity to leverage my lighting controls expertise from the theater world and moved to our projects team. Today, I provide our clients with expertise in home technology integration.


Share a couple of favorite projects from your career. Where were they and why were they so memorable?  

Jennette: I have two that come to mind. First is my time with The Blue Man Group. I got to travel the world as their lighting director for special events (from the ‘Swatch Watch Launch’ in Shanghai to the addition of a permanent Blue Man show at Universal Studios). It was a great chance to see how the non-verbal performance art of the Blue Man Group resonates with so many other cultures.

Second, while I lived in London, I was hired to design and direct the lighting for Bloomberg TV’s new broadcast studio. The best part of this experience was understanding how my trade is both similar and different in another country.


How do you spend your time when you’re not designing clients’ automated dream homes?  

Jennette: I love spending quality time with my husband and two children. I volunteer as the district coordinator for our school district’s Destination Imagination teams, one of which is my daughter’s team. I also volunteer my time as a lighting designer/technical director for Open Door Theater. Their vision is to make theater accessible for children and adults with disabilities.


Thanks, Jennette!

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