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Last fall, we discussed how our very own Susan Arnold would be making an appearance on an upcoming episode of This Old House. The episode, which features a stately Victorian in Belmont, recently aired (it’s fabulous you can watch it here).

We thought we’d discuss in more detail the products that the homeowners chose for their gorgeous home. 

Wolfers Lighting Helps This Old House…

One of the challenges the homeowner (Katherine) faced was trying to match the look and feel of an existing fixture in the master bathroom. Katherine and her interior designer, Amanda, turned to Susan Arnold and Wolfers Lighting for help, and they fell in love with this lovely fixture from Visual Comfort (read more about Visual Comfort here).

This Visual Comfort sconce was chosen on a recent episode of This Old House.

Moving onto Kitchen Lighting Design… 

For the kitchen, Susan explained that with LEDs, color temperature is flexible and can be selected for your room. This is a good thing, since color affects the feel of the space, including how other objects (such as countertops) appear.

Susan demonstrated a Wolfers favorite: the AFX Noble Pro undercabinet fixture, which boasts various color temperatures and multiple lengths and finishes. (We recommend you bring in your countertop sample so you can see and select the perfect color temperature in Waltham and Allston.)

The beauty of this fixture is that the homeowners can “tune” it to the ideal color for their particular kitchen. In this case, after observing how different color options worked with their countertop and tile selections, the homeowner opted for the coolest color temperature (4000K) because the blues in the light emphasized the blues in the tile and counters. (Image courtesy of This Old House.)


Bonus: One of the Lighting Products behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes, Susan also assisted the homeowners in selecting recessed fixtures for other areas of the house, including the porch, mudroom, and kitchen. They chose the Juno 2” LED downlights since this particular product offered a remodeler option and a new construction option. Because the product went into some older ceilings as well as new ceilings, having these two options was essential.


At Wolfers Lighting, we love the Juno 2″ downlights: they put out the same amount of light as traditional 5″ recessed, and they have a plethora of trims and color temperatures available. And, yes, you can see the Juno on display in both of our lighting showrooms.

Do you have questions about any of the products? Stop by or make an appointment. We’re here to help!


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