Why Work with a Wolfers Lighting Consultant?

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If you’ve ever done a big home renovation, you know how many people can get involved: think architects, builders, electricians, cabinetmakers, and so forth.

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So why would you want to add a Wolfers Lighting consultant to the mix? Here are three good reasons…

1. Our lighting consultants’ deep experience means they’ve likely encountered your “type” of project before. Are you renovating a kitchen? Creating a breakfast nook? Maybe a kitchen island that also works as place for the kids to do their homework? Or maybe you’re redoing the master bathroom or the powder room off the entryway? 

Perhaps you’re finally refinishing the basement. Or you’re tackling lights for the exterior of your home.

Here’s the thing: our lighting consultants can help with ALL of those projects and more. Our consultants have deep experience in the lighting industry many with over a decade. That experience means they’re already well aware of the challenges and pitfalls regarding your specific space. Their experience will help you avoid pitfalls and easily navigate obstacles.

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2. Our lighting consultants are constantly educating themselves. In other words, they’re knowledgeable about all things related to lighting design and lighting products. And they love sharing this knowledge with customers like you.

For example, are you wondering what CRI is (and why it matters)? A lighting consultant will explain what it means and what you need to keep in mind as you complete your project. Or maybe you’re thinking of placing a chandelier on your porch. Our consultants can discuss whether that’s a good idea (hint: they’ll make sure the fixture is at least UL damp rated, depending on the porch). Since our consultants work with tradespeople daily, they have a good sense of potential code violations and other issues that the average consumer might not be aware of.


3. Our lighting consultants provide added value without increasing your budget. Walk into one of our lighting showrooms and chat with a consultant for free (or make an appointment here). They will happily answer your questions, show you products, and demonstrate fixtures in our interactive lighting labs at no cost to you.

In fact, they will likely be able to save you time and money. For example, when do you need your lighting? Whether the project is months away or you need to pick up a fixture to get installed later today or tomorrow, our lighting consultants will know what’s in stock versus what needs to be special ordered. This will help you keep your project timelines on track.

Our lighting consultants might even be able to save money on shipping fees by bringing in your product on a stock order (free shipping!) or by drop shipping direct to your home (they’ll discuss the process with you and help you make the right decision).

So if you’re working on a home renovation, make sure you talk to a Wolfers Lighting consultant. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.



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