Why Visit a Wolfers Lighting Design Lab?

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While online shopping can be great for many home purchases, lighting is not one of them. Seeing really is believing when it comes to lighting products. This is why we encourage people to visit our lighting design labs in our Allston showroom and newly renovated Waltham showroom.

So what can you expect when you visit one of our lighting labs? What is a lighting lab, anyway? Our labs represent typical home settings, so they serve as a tool to demonstrate different ways of lighting your kitchen, bathrooms, living room, library, and even closets. The best part? They’re interactive, which means you get to touch, feel, and see how various lighting products affect the space when they’re on (and off).

Below, you’ll find pictures of some of our light labs, but in order to get the full effect, you should visit them in person.

Recessed Lighting Design Lab. This is not your grandmother’s recessed lighting. Today, there are so many options, including shower lights, wall washers, adjustable downlights, LED downlights, and more. (By the way, we recently wrote about how to choose recessed lighting for your kitchen.)




Closet Lighting Design Lab. Carrie Bradshaw would have a ball in this lighting lab, which shows the difference well-placed lighting can make in your closet. The latest applications for a well-lit closet include the following:

  •          Illuminated closet rods
  •          Illuminated shelves
  •          Illuminated jewelry drawers



Kitchen Lighting Design Lab. If you need inspiration for your kitchen renovation, this is the lighting lab to visit. You’ll see firsthand how different light sources, including LEDs, incandescents, halogens, and fluorescent lighting, can impact your countertops. You’ll also experience the dramatic effects of pendant lighting and learn how to combine track lighting, recessed lighting, and ceiling lights with dimming controls, arranged in preset options. In addition, we have many great application ideas for above-cabinet lighting, under-cabinet lighting, toe kicks, and more. 



Artwork Lighting Design Lab. If you’re an artist or collector, you’ve likely given much thought about where to place each piece of art. While placement is important, so, too, is the light source you use to illuminate each piece. Artwork lighting requires careful consideration of light intensity, angle, color, and spread. Our experts will work with you one-on-one in this lighting lab to help you make the right choices.



As always, our lighting consultants are always ready to assist you in both of our showrooms. They can answer your questions, show you different lighting options, review your lighting design plans, and provide suggestions. Make an appointment today.


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