Warm, Kitchen Lighting Design: Switch to LED?

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PROJECT: Kitchen Lighting


photo-4The kitchen is the primary living space in the home. When designing lighting for the kitchen, it’s important to take into account many different activities. Bright overall light is necessary for food preparation; intense light is best for specialized task areas, while ambient light is pleasurable for entertaining. We also address any needs for lighting controls and whether or not a decorative light fixture is required to carry through a design theme.

A client of mine came to me with a typical LED challenge. She had pendants over her sink, recessed lights in the ceiling, under cabinet lights and a chandelier over her table. When she had all of these fixtures on at the same time, she noticed that the quality of light varied from each fixture. She noticed that when she dimmed the recessed lights, there was no shift in color, while the new LED lamp (bulb) did n

ot provide the warm glow she was used to.

I explained to her that not all LED lamps (bulbs) have the same characteristics. The bulbs may

 have had the same Kelvin temperature on the box, but Kelvin temperature can vary a +/- from one manufacturer to another. There is also the factor of the Color Rendering Index (CRI), which is so very important and often is overlooked by the consumer.

As for the issues my client experienced with dimming, I recommended a Warm Dim LED bulb, which actually has built-in technology so that, when you dim it, the color shifts to a more amber spectrum, creating the warm fuzzy feeling that we know and expect when the lights are dimmed.

LED technology is changing every day so beware! Not all LED bulbs perform in the same way. They do not all dim in the traditional way we expect. They are not suitable for enclosed fixtures and damp locations. You can buy any LED bulb and think it

 will be perfect – but will discover otherwise.

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