Warm, Dimmable LED Lighting: The Perfect Solution for Homeowners

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Warm, Dimmable LED Lighting: The Perfect Solution for Homeowners

Lighting is important. It can set a mood, illuminate a task area, and create a welcoming environment for entertaining friends and family.

Did you know that most LED bulbs currently on the market cannot be dimmed in the same way as incandescent bulbs? The light output is harsh and doesn’t look anything like the warm glow we’re used to from incandescents.

But now Philips Lighting engineers have designed a bulb that replicates incandescent dimming to create the warm ambience preferred by homeowners for their kitchens, dining areas, living rooms and bedrooms. The Philips® BR30 DimTone™ bulb’s light quality actually gets warmer when dimmed, creating a warm, relaxing ambiance with a candle-like effect. It is dimmable down to 10% – lower than many other LED bulbs – but still has excellent light quality. As the light is dimmed, it creates a warm, intimate light effect at lower light levels, replicating the effect of a dimmed halogen or incandescent bulb.

Unlike some LED bulbs, there is no warm-up time to full output, and no flickering when dimmed to the lowest levels. And, with its substantial energy savings (generally 20% of the energy cost of a standard incandescent BR30 bulb) and long life, the DimTone reduces home energy costs and multiple replacements over the years.

But don’t take our word for it – watch this video to learn more and come in to Wolfers to see the Philips DimTone in person. Even better – take advantage of a $12 in-store rebate, bringing the cost down to only $33 for the BR30.

Philips Dimmable LED Bulbs

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