Update: Waltham Showroom Renovation

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Great changes are coming to Waltham!

If you’ve visited our Waltham showroom lately, you may have noticed some activity. It’s been a dusty, noisy few weeks as the builders drill, cut and install exciting new enhancements and features designed especially for you and your clients . 

We’re excited to announce some of the great new features of the Waltham showroom.

 Our lighting labs have always set Wolfers apart, and there are seven new labs underway in Waltham. These will help demonstrate new options for your projects including the latest trends and emerging technologies. Soon, when you visit or bring a client to Waltham, you’ll be able to experience:

  • LED Lamp lab, comparing bulbs for both light and color rendition
  • Application lab with examples of grazing, accenting, wall washing, plus “good better and best” in general down lighting
  • Kitchen lab, including everything from general and indirect lighting, interior cabinet lighting, plus nine different style of under cabinet and recessed
  • Bath lab with accent, feature and wall lights, shower lights, and four different ways to light vanities
  • Living room, a great way to show a room setting and demo a control system  
  • Library, a comfortable modern space for you and your clients to view catalogs
  • Office lab, demonstrating the latest LED linear lighting

We’re also very excited to announce a partnership with California Closets. The new closet display at our Waltham showroom will showcase the latest in closet lighting:

  • Illuminated closet poles so clients can tell black pants from your blue ones
  • Illuminated shoe shelves and a jewelry drawers
  • “Good, better and best” lighting for every section of the closet
  • The Radio RA keypad from Lutron, which gives clients greater flexibility like focal point illumination or an option to have lower light in the closet early morning or late evening at the touch of a button

As we wrap up Waltham’s finishing touches, you and your clients can still take advantage of our construction sale! Come in and see the many fixtures that have been marked down in both Waltham and Allston.

To learn more, visit our newly renovated Waltham showroom.

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