Types of Lighting: Understanding Different Styles

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Your design aesthetic influences more than the counters, cabinets, and flooring you choose for your home. It also influences the lighting. Here’s what you need to know about different design styles and types of lighting.


Contemporary + Modern Style. Marked by clean lines and a less-is-more mentality (think minimalism), this style is known for its simplicity, spaciousness, and functionality. Natural lighting is a hallmark of this style along with products in soft, neutral tones. That said, a pop of color something you can easily accomplish with the right light fixture can add a fun, playful touch. Learn more about this lighting style.



Traditional. Traditional does not mean boring or outdated. A traditional space includes plenty of classic, timeless elements, both in layout and furnishings. Soft angles (think arched entryways), conservative color palettes, rich wood tones, and furniture that conjures a different era are just some of the staples you’ll find in a traditional space. The lighting reflects this feel and often finds inspiration from centuries past. Learn more about this lighting style.



Elegant + Formal. Most of us have no problem picturing this style. Equal parts luxurious and tasteful, an elegant/formal space is famous for its sophistication and romance. Soft fabrics, floral and lace patterns, painted furniture, and pastel colors all characterize this style. Lighting enhances the space by providing warmth, beauty, and an additional ornate touch (think chandeliers). Learn more about this lighting style.



Cottage + Country: Words that describe this style: rustic, bucolic, cozy, comfortable. You’ll often find a mix of rich, earthy tones and pieces inspired by nature, all of which work together to create an inviting space. The lighting adds warmth and often amplifies what might otherwise be lost in shadows. Learn more about this lighting style.



Transitional. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? The transitional style mixes elements from other design aesthetics to form a whole new look, one YOU define. The lighting for a transitional space follows the same rule the one that says anything goes. Learn more about this lighting style.

Understanding your own individual style and design aesthetic is just the first step. Lighting, in particular, is important to experience in person. It’s impossible for you to get a clear understanding of how certain types of lighting might feel until you’re standing there and you can see for yourself.

The good news? We have two lighting showrooms, both of which include interactive lighting labs that allow you to touch, feel, and experiment. We just redesigned our Waltham lighting showroom so that it provides even more real-life settings: kitchen, bath, office, library, and more.

Plus, our fabulous lighting consultants are always eager to help you discover the perfect lighting solution for your specific needs. Make an appointment now and visit us soon!


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