The Best in Portable Floor Lamps

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We’ve written about our favorite LED task lamps and desk lamps. Now, check out the portable floor lamp versions in our showrooms

Remember, portable floor lamps offer many benefits:

  • Get the energy efficiency of LED with the focus and adjustability of a task lamp.
  • Effortlessly add light to any room.
  • Easily move the lamps from space to space, home to home, dorm room to dorm room (you get the idea).
  • Add yet another element that reflects/reinforces the room’s décor.

We have a great selection of floor lamps that are equal parts functional and stylish. Here are some of our current faves.

 Koncept's Mosso Pro Floor Lamp is a versatile task fixture

1. LED Floor Lamp from Koncept’s “Mosso” Collection. Koncept’s table lamp version has been one of our longtime favorites, and the floor lamp is just as great. We love its tunable color temperature as well as how easy it is to adjust.


And did we mention it provides a USB charging port?


Quoizel's LED Floor lamp offers both uplight and a task light.

2. Quoizel LED Floor Lamp. Talk about versatile! This floor lamp features two light sources: a full fixture head at the top on its own swivel and a task light, which includes a swivel and a flexible pipe neck for added maneuverability and light placement. And the brushed nickel finish adds just the right touch of panache…and all for a budget-friendly price.

George Kovacs' adjustable LED Floor lamp can be adusted to WHEREVER you need light.

3. Kovacs “Task Portable” Chiseled Nickel Adjustable Floor Lamp. This fully adjustable fixture with chiseled nickel finish and acrylic diffuser can be a torchiere, or you can adjust it to direct more light where you need it most.

This Holtkoetter torchiere has the same amount of light output as a 325 watt halogen bulb!

4. Holtkötter “Platz” Torchiere with Reading Arm. We love this high-output torchiere with its 4300 lumens (similar to a super bright 325-watt halogen lamp, but without all the heat). This beautifully designed floor lamp won the 2015 Dallas Market Choice Awards, a yearly award to recognize excellence in new lighting products.

Note: All of the above are on display in Waltham or Allston. Stop by and check them out in person. If you decide to buy, we’ll happily box up your floor lamp to take home.


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