The 411 on Under Cabinet Lighting

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Long gone are the days of only one overhead light in the kitchen (and strained eyesight as a result). Thanks to advancements in under cabinet lighting, you can have focused light shining down on your countertops. This makes things like chopping veggies and reading recipes so much easier. And the best part? You don’t need to sacrifice style for function.

Here are two great under cabinet lighting options to consider:

1. LED tape lighting. LED tape lighting is a flexible strip of lighting, sometimes with self-adhesive backing. To create a finished looking fixture, Wolfers highly recommends that LED tape be mounted inside an extrusion or channel, which can be surface mounted and even recessed into drywall.

The channel, with a lens, protects the LED from damage and diffuses the light output for an even wash over your countertops. Below is an example of an extrusion.


One of the great benefits of LED tape is the ability to create a continuous fixture to illuminate the full length of your countertops. You’ll no longer have any dark spots where traditional fixtures start and stop. 

Not only that, but RGB LED tape provides a wide array of colors. With RGB, the “R” stands for red, the “G” stands for green, and the “B” stands for blue. By combining these colors together in various degrees and intensities, countless colors can be created. This means that you can choose just the right color combination to truly accent your space, while making it functional to boot. 

JESCO’s LED DL – FLEX Series is a great example of RGB LED tape and is ideal for under cabinet lighting, in addition to other applications. This product offers high quality light output, easy installation, and smooth dimming.



2. Designated under cabinet fixtures. Under cabinet fixtures come in predetermined lengths that make adding them into your kitchen a budget-friendly and easy process. These types of fixtures, also known as package fixtures, often come with jumpers to connect multiple fixtures and have on/off switches for added flexibility. Choose from hard-wired fixtures or ones that you simply plug in installation is generally quick and easy.

Here are some under cabinet fixtures to consider, all of which are in stock and on display in our Allston and Waltham showrooms.

1. AFX Noble Pro LED. Thanks to multiple color temperatures in one fixture, you can find which color looks best in your kitchen. This product can be direct wired and attached to the cabinet with two captive mounting screws, which provides a smoother installation. Choose from five different lengths and three different finishes: brushed aluminum, oil-rubbed bronze, and white. And, yes, it’s ENERGY STAR qualified.


2. Juno Pro-Series LED Under Cabinet Fixture. This under cabinet fixture boasts the same light level as halogen, but at just 1/6 the energy. It’s super easy to install as well. Some come with occupancy sensors for hands-free operation. Really, what’s not to love?



3. Tech Lighting’s Unilume LED Slimline. We shined the spotlight on Tech Lighting last month and discussed this product at length, but it’s worth mentioning again since it offers “a class-leading combination of performance and versatility.” It’s available in four lengths, two finishes, and various color temperature options. 



 By the way, we have a new FREE resource for you, fresh off the presses: our Kitchen Lighting Guide. We cover under cabinet lighting, above cabinet lighting, how to make the switch to LEDs, and more. Download now!

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