Strategies in Lighting for the Aging Eye: Think Holtkötter

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As we age, changes in our corneas, pupils, and lenses make translating visual stimuli into images more difficult (as anyone over the age of 40 who’s encountered the “my arms aren’t long enough” phenomenon can attest!).  

While many lighting manufacturers keep this in mind as they design products, one manufacturer stands out, thanks to its excellent research: Holtkötter Lighting.

As its website explains, “Holtkötter has initiated and supported research at the University of Colorado at Boulder to study and develop the scientific basis of lighting for the aging eye and to research how good lighting can mitigate the effects of the natural physical changes that we all are subjected to as time passes.”

As Holtkötter has learned, “good lighting” happens in the details. Think full range dimming controls, moveable reflectors, and infinite arm positions in task lamps. The best part? Holtkötter doesn’t skimp on style…the company has found a way to design gorgeous pieces while keeping the aging eye in mind.

Here are two of our favorite Holtkötter Lighting products available at Wolfers.

 Holkoetter's table lamp directs light to where it's most needed.

1. Holtkötter 6514. As the site explains, “the reduction in retinal illuminance requires a light level of more than 100 footcandles for optimal reading performance.” The 100-watt halogen light bulb by Osram used in this beautiful table lamp as well as the shape and construction of the inside of the reflector allows for a light level in excess of 100 footcandles. The full-range dimmer gives you plenty of control. Choose from six different finishes and six different colors of handblown glass used in the reflector.

Holtkoetter's Swing Arm lamp makes a great reading light.

2. Holtkötter 9426. This swing-arm sconce also has a 100-watt halogen bulb by Osram and full-range, turn-knob dimmer. Choose from six finishes and six glass colors. (It’s also available in an all-metal version here.) This makes an ideal bedside reading light.

Do you have questions about lighting for the aging eye? Our lighting experts can help. Stop by one of our showrooms or make an appointment.


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