Staff Spotlight: Meet Jessica Abramson from The Boston Shade Company

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JessicaThe best team on the planet deserves the spotlight! Today, we shine it on Jessica Abramson, who is the director of shading operations at The Boston Shade Company.


When and how did you come to work for The Boston Shade Company?  

Jessica: The Northeast had always been intriguing to me. Good people, good sports teams. I ended up meeting a fella from Massachusetts. We both had lived in California for some time and decided to give Boston a go.

As for my business background, I’d grown up in the shade industry working in retail and as a vendor. When I moved to Boston, my timing was perfect: The Boston Shade Company was looking for some help. I’ve been with the company since 2010.


What is the most unusual (and interesting) shade job you’ve come across in your career? 

Jessica: That’s a tough one! I’ve been so lucky, because I’ve worked on some of the most innovative and meticulously designed projects over the years. Two come to mind: a modern Cape compound where all of the shades and drapery disappeared into the ceiling and walls, and a traditional estate in Weston where you couldn’t tell where the millwork ended and the shutters started. But almost every project I’ve worked on has been unique and challenging on its own. 


After working in the Boston Design Center showroom for seven years, you now work remotely from North Carolina. Tell us how that has changed your role.

Jessica: When my family and I decided to move to North Carolina, leaving my position at Boston Shade was one of the harder decisions we had to make. A few months later, Gerry Lynch (president of our three brands) approached me about working remotely with my old team. I jumped at the chance.

The biggest change is going from the front of the house to the back. While I do miss the daily interactions with homeowners and designers, being in a multifaceted support role feels right. At this phase in my life and career, having flexibility with a young family is a top priority.


Did you and your family do anything exciting this past summer?

Jessica: With two young kids, we didn’t make it anywhere too exotic this summer. But the community we moved into has a pool, so this was our summer of swimming! My 5-year-old joined the swim team and we took the skills to the Outer Banks for a magical beach week. We love exploring all of the new areas the Carolinas have to offer.


Thanks, Jessica!


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