Spring Is Blooming With New Lighting Trends –

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Spring Is Blooming With New Lighting Trends

Spring is officially here! And so are the latest spring lighting trends. One of our expert lighting designers, Susan Arnold, offers some insight into three recurring trends we are seeing for the spring season here at Wolfers Lighting:

Color Pop –
Another spring lighting trend this season is the use of hot, bold colors, allowing for that pop of color you may be looking for to brighten up a room. “We’ve seen a wide range of colors pop up in lighting schemes and products, with a strong inclination towards warmer tones, such as reds, oranges, pinks, and yellows.” Brightly colored fixtures are perfect accents for pendants, wall sconces and ceiling lights. Color trendsetters include manufacturers such as Axo and Tech Lighting.

The Modern Sparkle –
A final trend we’ve seen for spring lighting is a touch of sparkle. Manufacturers have put a modern twist on the traditional chandelier, using a new and rare model of crystals to add just a hint of sparkle to a lighting fixture. The biggest sparkle trendsetter right now is Schonbek, as this manufacturer offers several products and series of unique and modern chandeliers and crystal lighting. Susan suggests Schonbek’s Petite Laurelie or Brocade chandeliers, or their Shadow Dance series.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle –
Today’s strong push for green technology and sustainable living has permeated the lighting industry. Lighting manufacturers are fully embracing the green era with a new trend of using recyclable materials to make their fixtures. From plastics and glass to metal and aluminum to even rubber and burlap, “manufacturers are finding more and more materials every day to reuse and recycle into making beautiful lighting fixtures,” says Susan. Recycling trendsetters include manufacturers such as Varaluz and Troy Lighting.

“People want to keep it simple. But I love to add a fixture that has sparkle or a hot color. It completes the design and makes it personal,” says Susan. “Every good design must have the wow piece, that pop that attracts attention and brings visual interest to a room. These are the up-and-coming trends that we will see a lot of in home lighting and design this season.”


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