Spotlight on Under-Cabinet Lighting

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How is your cooking? Your skills might be even better once you brighten up your kitchen with under-cabinet lighting!

At Wolfers, we’ve seen more homeowners come to our showrooms in search of under-cabinet lighting than ever before. While you may think purchasing lights online will suffice, we recommend viewing under-cabinets in person, allowing you to see the lights up close and focus on how the different sources will look against various surfaces and countertops.

Halogen Lighting Tip:
If you choose to install halogen bulbs, do not keep perishables in the cabinets above, as these lights generate a bit of heat and may cause perishable food, like chocolate, to melt.

Generally, homeowners utilize under-cabinet lights for task lighting. About 70% of under-cabinets are installed in kitchens, typically above countertops, to improve visibility for tasks like cooking and reading recipes. But they also can be used in laundry rooms, above desks, or even in bookcases – any surface that requires bright and focused light.

LED Lighting Tip: If a product has a warm color temperature of 3000 but a CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 65, this light will appear as a blue color, due to the low CRI. Typically, homeowners look for a light source that has a high CRI and a warm color temperature.

Many homeowners choose under-cabinets based on color tone, efficiency, and overall appearance. Nowadays, LED under-cabinet lights are more popular than ever. Not only are LEDs more efficient (lasting roughly 15-20 years, compared to halogen or fluorescent bulbs lasting only six months), but they also offer the bright white light required for task lighting. Changing under-cabinet bulbs is not always easy – bending underneath tight spaces and between countertops can be exhausting. Homeowners often find not having to change bulbs frequently as a huge advantage to choosing LED lights.

New Tech Lighting Product: Homeowners often find certain under-cabinet light sources, such as LEDs and halogens, mirror their image on their polished countertops. To avoid this, Tech Lighting found an innovative solution: the Unilume. The Unilume is a LED light source but uniquely uses yellow phosphors. This new product offers the long linear light you can get from a fluorescent but in a warm color tone. The bulb has a lifetime of 50,000 hours, which equates to about 30 or 40 years.

The Unilume is now available for purchase at Wolfers. Visit one of our showrooms today for the latest in under-cabinet and LED lighting.

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