Designer Lighting Brands: Spotlight on Tech Lighting

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Since its founding in 1988, Tech Lighting has been a popular choice among lighting designers, architects, interior designers, and homeowners alike.

Tech Lighting’s “refined and timeless designs” always use the “latest advancements in lighting technology.” Regardless of your design aesthetic, you can count on Tech Lighting to offer expertly crafted lighting products that complement your space from both a style and function perspective.

All of us at Wolfers are huge fans of Tech Lighting, thanks to their wide variety of products that cover many areas and perform many tasks. In particular, Tech Lighting has excellent LED options, and the company does amazing things with hand-blown glass.

1. Unilume LED Accent & Task Lighting. Tech Lighting says that it’s time to redefine undercabinet, cove, and task lighting. As its brochure notes, “Tech Lighting’s Unilume LED Lighting Systems are designed specifically to address the shortcomings of existing LED solutions.” Tech Lighting’s Unilume comes in a variety of sizes and finishes, and can be hard-wired or plugged into a wall outlet.

The result? Take a look at the gorgeous picture below.


At Wolfers, we carry the Unilume LED Slimline. Come in and check it out in person!

 2. Beautiful Bath Fixtures. LED bath mirrors are all the rage right now, and no wonder: they’re energy efficient, and they provide even illumination for delicate tasks, such as shaving and makeup application.

Tech Lighting’s Rae Mirror Kit (pictured in the image below) is a perfect example. Stylish and functional, this gorgeous fixture will make life easier for everyone in your home. See it in our Waltham Bath Lab.



 3. Pendants Galore. You can’t go wrong with Tech Lighting’s pendants. In fact, earlier this year, Tech Lighting introduced an LED module that can easily plug into an existing pendant, which makes upgrading to LED bulbs a breeze.

Tech Lighting says, “The new LED bi-pin replacement module is backward compatible…making it a simple plug and play solution with virtually all existing Halogen and Xenon bi-pin pendants. Its proprietary custom lens produces both task and side output for uniform illumination.”

 Tech Lighting’s low-voltage pendants are also stunning. We have quite a few of their pendants on display throughout both Wolfers’ showrooms. Check out some of them below!


Stop by one of our lighting showrooms today to see Tech Lighting products in person or to ask our lighting experts any technical questions you may have.


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