Designer Lighting Brands: Spotlight on Sonneman Lighting

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While he may be in his early 70s, Robert Sonneman doesn’t show any signs of slowing down or taking a break from his lifelong passion: designing lighting that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

In 1961 at the age of 19, Sonneman began his illustrious career under the watchful gaze of lighting and accessory retailer George Kovacs, who introduced young Robert to Modernism. Today, Sonneman describes himself as a “modernist with a historical sensibility,” a point of view that has served him well over the last five decades.

Sonneman has won numerous product and design awards. He’s taught countless protégés at places like Pratt and Parsons. And he’s displayed his work at revered institutions, including the Museum of Modern Art and the Art Institute of Chicago. Since 1967, he’s sold thousands of his own designs worldwide, and in 2003, at 61 years young, Sonneman launched his own brand: SONNEMAN – A Way of Light.

A way of light, indeed.

At Wolfers Lighting, Sonneman is one of our favorite and most popular brands, and no wonder. We love Sonneman’s commitment to form and function along with the clean lines his work his famous for. Here are some of our top Sonneman picks, ideal for many areas of the home.


Corona Rings Pendant Geographic shapes are a hallmark of contemporary design, and this gorgeous lighting product is no exception. Producing a warm glow, the “internally focused LED illumination provides both the presence and the absence of volume.” Experience this gorgeous product firsthand in our newly renovated lighting showroom in Waltham you’ll swear they look as if they’re floating on air. Best part? They’re available in many sizes.


Stiletto Wall Bar. A popular LED lighting fixture for bathrooms thanks to their slim size, the Stiletto Wall Bar brings minimalism and beauty to a completely new level. Available in 24″ and 32″, on display in our Waltham and Allston showrooms and online.



Wedge LED. You’re probably noticing a trend here: the focus on LEDs. Sonneman says, “Design is often evolutionary and only rarely revolutionary, but today technology has excited a revolution. LED has invited rethinking of the form, factors, size, and scale of luminaries. We are now incorporating design innovation with the science and control of electronic illumination.” This Wedge LED Sconce is a perfect example of this thinking. Also on display in both showrooms, see it online here as well.



Scudo LED Wall Sconce. The word “scudo” is derived from the Latin word for shield (scutum). You can definitely see the shield’s influence on this piece. Described as “softly curved modern simplicity,” this LED wall sconce is a popular choice with our clients. On display in Allston, in stock in both showrooms, always online



Tubo Slim LED. Here’s a product that works double duty it’s a sleek lighting fixture and a perfect accent to bathroom mirrors. It’s available in several finishes, sizes, and a bath bar or sconce version so you can easily match the vibe you’ve created for your space. Available online.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Or consider stopping by our Allston or Waltham showrooms. Our lighting consultants are always happy to help.

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