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Because we’re in our lighting showrooms day in and day out, we often take for granted all the awesome things we can offer customers.

So we thought we’d do a roundup of some of the (possibly) lesser-known features that are sure to wow and inspire.

We turned to three of our knowledgeable lighting consultants Joyce Gravel, Susan Arnold, and Marty Whitney for their insights.

What’s your favorite feature about our lighting showrooms?  

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Susan: The lighting labs. But keep in mind that the labs alone aren’t what make them so special it’s the time and detail that each salesperson gives to each client who is using the labs. We make it a priority to give them an enjoyable experience. We all work as a team, so if one person doesn’t know the answer, it truly becomes a team effort to find the correct one.

Marty: My favorite feature? The incredible variety of fixtures that we have on display. It’s hard to visualize from dimensions and a photo alone what a fixture will look like and how it will provide light for a space. Even if the fixture that a customer is interested in isn’t on display, we’re often able to look at something similar in the showroom so they can get a feel for how the fixture will look and function in terms of style, size, and brightness.


Joyce: Definitely our displays. I hear it from customers all the time. Our displays are not overcrowded, and customers can turn on one or two fixtures at a time. There’s plenty of room to stand back and appreciate and compare lights. Customers are better able to imagine what it will be like in their own space.

Is there a particular lab or item that you see customers really engage with?

Susan: The recessed lighting lab! Clients are always surprised at the price range of recessed lighting. In the lab, they can truly see why a light might cost $600 versus $200. While it’s not always possible to implement the top-of-the-line fixtures, they can see and appreciate the difference. From there, they might decide to use the higher-end recessed lights in a few areas where they spend more time and where they’ll truly appreciate the quality of the light. For example, they might use higher-end fixtures in the kitchen as opposed to the hallway or bedroom.

Marty: I’ll second Susan on the recessed lighting lab. Many customers I speak with mention recessed lighting as an afterthought: “Oh, and we’re going to have recessed lights in the room too.” There are so many different kinds of recessed lights out there, and I think it’s helpful for our customers to see different kinds of recessed lighting side by side. Even if the customer I’m working with isn’t looking for recessed lighting, the recessed lab is still a great place to experience and learn about LED color temperature and CRI.

Joyce: Undercabinet lighting in our kitchen lab. Our kitchen lighting lab is where we take customers most often.

What feature is truly unique to Wolfers?

Susan: We have an application lab where you can see how the layers of light allow a room to have a warm, inviting feeling. Layered lighting allows for a more relaxing atmosphere by using a combination of lights think accent lighting, wall washers, up lights, sconces to create a welcoming feeling while still keeping in mind how much actual light you need in the space.

Marty: We know and love lighting! We love to talk with customers about their projects, and we have the experience and resources to help them select lights that will achieve their decorative and functional needs. I also like Susan’s comment about teamwork. When a customer has a tricky lighting problem, we pool our experiences to come up with a solution that will work for them.

Would you like to learn more about our showrooms? Take a virtual tour before you visit, meet our consultants, or download one of our lighting guides.


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