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New Zealand-based lighting designer David Trubridge has a fascinating background: boat designer, explorer (10 years sailing the world with his wife and two sons), and small-scale business owner turned international sensation.

There’s no doubt that Trubridge’s rich life experiences (including his participation in an Antarctica arts fellowship program) has influenced his lighting designs designs that are gorgeous and eco-friendly.

According to the Trubridge website, “The company is driven by a strong environmentally conscious philosophy which informs all aspects of design and production. Such motivations come before profit.”

Trubridge accomplishes this by…

  • Using timber from sustainably managed plantations in New Zealand or the United States
  • Leaving wood in its natural state whenever possible
  • Using non-toxic oils in place of harmful solvents
  • Adhering to a design point of view where designers use only the minimal amount of materials necessary and create products that will withstand the test of time
  • Reducing shipping and freight by using the “Seed System,” which involves delivering flat-packed kits that customers/distributors assemble on their own
  • Recycling all factory and studio waste

Below are some highlights from the David Trubridge Collection.

  1. Coral Pendant. Made from bamboo plywood, it’s available in 11 finishes. This one shows off a natural finish. You can see the 16″ in Allston and 24″ in Waltham.

  2. Kina Pendant. The Kina Pendant takes everything you love from the Coral pendant, such as the bamboo plywood, and offers another silhouette. The Kina is also available in 11 finishes, including the lime pictured below. Experience this particular pendant in person in our Waltham showroom (you’ll also be able to see the Kina in a natural finish).

  1. Koura Pendant. The Koura offers a beachy, breezy, tropical island feel. We carry the Koura (white/white) in both of our showrooms.

If you have any questions about these lighting products (or any others), our lighting experts would be happy to help!


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