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If you’re not familiar with KODAK LED Lighting products, then step right up and allow us to introduce you.Kodak's LED Filament Bulbs are a perfect candelabra bulb substitute!

As its website explains, “KODAK LED Luminaires are designed to provide the best looking light possible. Our experience working with leading architectural and interior designers provides a knowledge base and understanding of lighting that goes beyond engineering.”

You can use KODAK products in a wide variety of settings, including hospitality, commercial, and residential. They also work great in retrofit projects. In particular, KODAK specializes in LED bulbs that more authentically look like incandescent.



Additional features and points worth noting…

  • KODAK LED Candelabra bulbs feature solid-state “filaments”. When these LED bulbs are on, they glow like an incandescent’s filaments would.
  • KODAK’s candelabra bulb has been flying off shelves since the difference between the LED version and the incandescent version is very hard to detect.
  • KODAK LED bulbs work great in chandeliers.
  • KODAK LED bulbs are dimmable, send light in all directions (including down), and use very low wattage.

We stock the candelabra version in our Waltham and Allston lighting showrooms. Stop by and see what all the fuss is about!


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