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Temporarily or permanantly, you can create an air of romance in your home.

Ah, love is in the air! In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re pulling together some of our favorite lighting tips and applications that will help create a romantic atmosphere in your home.

1. Remember, dimming is your friend. There’s a reason why your favorite restaurant dims the lights: it helps make for an intimate and cozy setting. When it comes to your home, use dimmers to adjust the lights or take advantage of full lighting control by using an app on your phone.

2. Think in terms of “warm” color temperature. When we hear the words “romantic evening,” most of us probably think of candlelight dinners or snuggling up by the fireplace. What is it about these things that scream “romance?” The warm, amber lighting. So warming up the color temperature of your ambient light can have the same effect.

  • Try warm-dim lamps in your usual fixtures, which will shift to amber as they dim.Bulbrite's Nostalgia collection amps up the romance.
  • If you have fixtures with exposed bulbs, consider antique filament-style LEDs or antique-style incandescent lamps, both of which give off a warm light and often with the filaments spiraling or looping in a decorative way, like this bulb from the Bulbrite “Nostalgic” collection.
  • If available, RGB lamps have the capability of producing extremely saturated colors which can transform a familiar space into one with a whole different feeling.

3. Choose a few low-light fixtures in lieu of one large light. One bright overhead light can be jarring and harsh, but a few table lamps or wall sconces can help create pools of lighting, for a softer, calmer effect.

Pools of light focus attention on key details.

4. Consider the focal points of your romantic space. Accent lighting (e.g., a wall-wash or spotlight) draws attention to key areas, such as a photo on the mantel, the tasty dinner on the dining room table, or the vase filled with roses and a hidden jewelry box.

5. Add long-term romantic flair to your master bedroom, powder room, or master bath.

  • Consider the ideal light levels for each space. For a powder room, a couple well-placed sconces might be enough, but for spaces that receive more traffic, such as master baths, think of all the ways you use that space. For example, the lights you use by the vanity and sink might be more task-oriented (e.g., shaving and applying makeup), while the lighting you use by the standalone tub might be more subtle.
  • Hide light sources. Opt for sconces, flush mounts, and cove lighting where the diodes or light bulbs aren’t visible. Staring into a light bulb can be unpleasant and jarring so consider fixtures with diffusers, or indirect sources that direct light up (in the case of a pendant) or behind (in the case of a wall sconce).

Do you have questions? We have answers! Visit our showroom for more ideas on how to add the perfect amount of romantic lighting to your space.

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