Our New Lighting Showroom Aims to Inspire & Educate

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Back in October, we gave you a sneak peek of the many incredible features and enhancements we were installing in our lighting showroom in Waltham. The renovation is now complete, and we couldn’t be happier with how it looks!


 Our new Waltham entryway! 


Our Lighting Showroom Renovation: Goals & Results

When we began this renovation project, we had specific goals in mind ones derived from customer feedback over the years, changes within the lighting industry, and consumers’ specific 21st century lighting needs. Below, we describe some of those goals…and their results.

 We wanted to offer more lighting labs.

  • Result: We now have seven lighting labs, including a kitchen, bath, library, and living room. We also have an office lab, an LED lamp lab, and an application lab with examples of grazing, accenting, wall washing, and more. Our bath lighting lab includes floating vanities as a well as stylish tilework, sinks, and faucets.

We wanted to create an area where people could not only learn about LED lighting, but also experience the many LED lighting options firsthand.

  • Result: We’re proud of our specially designed entry wall with LED recessed permanently into the extrusions and an LED kitchen lighting lab that includes nine different types of under cabinet and cove lighting. Susan Arnold, one of our fabulous lighting consultants, says, “It’s important for the consumer to see the difference between light sources. All LED fixtures are not created equal.”

We wanted to continue to offer inspired lighting ideas for the kitchen, bath, and more.

  • Result: That “more” is an incredible partnership with California Closets. Our new closet display features gorgeous, functional products, such as illuminated closet poles, shoe shelves, and jewelry drawers.

Check out what Joyce Gravel, our lighting showroom manager, has to say about our freshly renovated space and how much fun you can have in it.





Regarding the showroom’s layout, Susan Arnold summed it up best when she noted that we designed it to “maximize space in order to show lighting fixtures in their natural surroundings.”

This is a critical point for homeowners, builders, electricians, or anyone who works closely in the home design/construction field. In order to know which lighting will work or won’t work for a particular space, you need to experience it yourself. We’ve designed our lighting labs to closely resemble real-life scenarios so that when you’re looking at a light source in our kitchen lab, for example, you can imagine how it might look in yours.

That’s one thing a BIG thing that the Internet can’t offer today’s consumers. Nothing can replace the in-person experience. As Susan explains, “We strive to inform and excite our customers by displaying the latest advancements in LED and RGB lighting in an environment that approximates our customers’ homes.”

Ready to experience our Waltham lighting showroom for yourself? We’re conveniently located off RT 128 in Waltham. Make an appointment now. It’s free, and there’s no obligation to buy anything. Our lighting consultants are always happy to give people the grand tour and share their expertise.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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