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See our bestelling recessed fixtures in person

Even though they’re a little more expensive up front, recessed LED light fixtures are a smart choice for several reasons:

1. They provide energy efficiency (and plenty of savings!) in areas of the home where you keep the lights on for longer periods.
2. They’re easier to maintain (you won’t be changing bulbs).
3. They offer plenty of great looks and colors. In fact, we’re seeing more and more recessed LEDs that mimic incandescent “warm dimming” (meaning as the light dims, the glow is more of a warm amber hue).

Here are a few of our favorite recessed LED light fixtures in three different sizes. You can see all of these in action in our LED lighting labs in Waltham and Allston– and a Wolfers Lighting Consultant can help determine the right size and type of fixture to use in your space.

1. Halo H4. The Halo H4 LED lighting system offers a wide range of color temperatures, dimming capabilities, applications (shower, insulated, non-insulated), and trims, with a 4″ opening. 


The Halo’s three separate components provide plenty of flexibility and ultimate control:

  • Housing. Your contractor will love the flexibility the Halo’s separate housing offers them as they plan and place the housings in your ceiling. From there, your contractor can come back and add trims and engines.
  • Engine (LED). Available in regular downlights with adjustable gimbals that let you put light where you want it to go.
  • Trims. Choose from a variety of finishes (including “designer” finishes, such as bronze and satin nickel) as well as lensed and non-lensed versions.

2. Lightolier 3″ LyteCaster LED Downlight. This general-purpose downlight has shallow housing,


making it ideal for challenging/tight ceilings. It’s also budget friendly!

Lightolier 3" Lytecaster

3. Juno 2″ LED Downlights and Adjustables. Thanks to the small aperture and very small housing, you can install this downlight from below the ceiling. This particular 2″ downlight produces 600 lumens, which is similar to a 60-watt lamp. Choose from many great trim options as well.


Here are some tips for choosing the right recessed LED light fixtures for your home:

  • Pay attention to Kelvin temperature (K). A temperature of 2700K provides a warm light while 3000K provides a brighter, whiter (resembling halogen) light source. Another important note: different LED bulbs may have the same Kelvin temperature listed on the box, but Kelvin temperature can vary from one manufacturer to another.
  • Look at the Color Rendering Index (CRI). CRI is the measurement of how well a light source presents colors of materials, surfaces, and objects authentically. A CRI of 90+ will beautifully showcase your paint colors, fabrics, food, and even skin tone.
  • Review the warranty. What does the warranty cover? Who is the manufacturer? How long is the warranty? (It should be at least five years.) And if the warranty is for five-plus years, how likely will the manufacturer/supplier still be in business? It’s important to consider where you’re buying your products.
  • Confirm that the fixture is UL or ETL listed. UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. and ETL is a mark for Intertek Testing Services. Essentially, these certifications assure you that the fixture and bulb have gone through rigorous testing (the federal government regulates both companies). Consider it a seal of approval. Note: most electricians will not install non-listed fixtures.

Remember, a Wolfers lighting consultant can help you select the perfect recessed fixture for your space and budget considerations. Make an appointment now.



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