Our Bestselling Kitchen Pendants from Besa Lighting

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Back in February, we published our kitchen lighting guide to help you understand your options for this important room. While many options exist, one of the most popular by far is the kitchen pendant.

That’s why today we’d like to talk about Besa Lighting, one of our favorite manufacturers of kitchen pendants. What makes Besa Lighting so special is its glass artisanship. As its website notes, “Through exceptional collaboration of American designers and European craftsmen, Besa Lighting merges traditional techniques with avant-garde sensibility, resulting in handcrafted glass of unprecedented quality.”

Check out the video below, which shows how Besa makes its glass products. Besa sources glass from around the world, and it uses recycled glass whenever possible, which is good for the environment (the video explains why).

The folks at Besa Lighting inspect each piece before delivering the product to customers and retailers like us. We appreciate the company’s commitment to quality and its gorgeous take on glassmaking. We also love the products’ contemporary styling.

Below are some of our bestselling kitchen pendants from Besa Lighting.


  1. Besa Domi. This one-light pendant (below) boasts the classic bell shape. The Cherrywood-styled glass adds subtle style, while the white glass on the inside helps to direct the light downward, making it an ideal option to hang over a kitchen nook or bar. We keep the Cherrywood in stock and on display in both stores, but you can choose from a wide variety of glass styles to match your kitchen’s aesthetic.

    The Besa Domi

  2. Besa Kona. We suspect you’re going to fall in love with the cool contemporary look of the Dicro glass, which makes this product appear like a mirror when it’s off. Turn it on and enjoy the dazzling blue-purple effects on the cone-shaped glass. We keep the Kona stocked in both showrooms, but we also offer a white version in Allston, which can work beautifully with both classic and modern décors.

    Besa's Kona Pendant

  3. Besa Jodi. If you’re looking to infuse your kitchen with an added dose of warmth, then this mini-pendant is the perfect solution. The Opal Glossy glass casts a soft, warm glow, and this is pictured below with their adjustable cable system. (We only have the standard cord style in stock in both showrooms.)

    Besa's Jodi

When choosing kitchen pendants, keep these tips in mind:

  • Hang pendants 30″ to 36″ above your countertop.
  • To cast more ambient light, choose pendants that are open on top or have lighter colored glass.
  • Point the light downward directly on your kitchen islands and bars (keep in mind it’s hard to run wires in these areas).
  • Use multiple mini pendants and space them across your bar or island to cast the perfect amount of light and to add to your kitchen’s décor.

Are you thinking about starting a kitchen lighting project? Be sure to download our kitchen lighting worksheet, which will guide you on all the things you should get down on paper before heading to a showroom, like Wolfers Lighting.



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