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If you’re looking for ways to beat the heat this month, stop by one of our lighting showrooms to see the newest fixtures from Hubbardton Forge.

Regular readers of our blog know how much we love this company, and with good reason: they make each fixture by hand, which means you get a truly one-of-a-kind product for your home. Their designs are always inventive. Just when you think they couldn’t possibly create another fresh and original piece, they launch two new lines: Vermont Modern and Synchronicity.

We’re stocking products from both lines now, and they do not disappoint. Here are some of our current staff favorites.

Hubbardton Forge's Mobius Mini Pendant is both task light and sculpture!

1. Mobius LED Mini Pendant. This pendant will lead to interesting conversations, no doubt. Named after the mathematician August Ferdinand Möbius who discovered the Möbius Strip, this pendant’s shade serves as a light “guide”: it directs light downward, but also diffuses light through the shade. See it in both showrooms in Dark Smoke.



2. Vermont Modern’s Stretch Pendant. We could stare at this fixture for hours. This sleek, metal pendant spans over four feet with a beautiful hidden light source among the many metal plates. We have it on display in both showrooms in a Silver finish.


Courbe.png3. Courbé LED Pendant by Synchronicity. When you think steel, it’s easy to think straight, clean lines. In other words, an industrial vibe. Well, this fixture turns that theory on its head. In this case, “steel transcends its material limits with flowing tendrils.” Other notable features: the Swarovski crystals and the hidden LED. See it in both showrooms.


4. Hook Mini Pendant by Vermont Modern. This is a story about artesian glass falling in love with a hook on a cord. Make the story your own and add this interesting pendant to your home. Choose from multiple finishes and cord colors. You can see the red finish + black cord combo in both of our showrooms.

Full Bloom Collage.jpg

5. Full Bloom Pendant by Vermont Modern. It’s easy to see where Hubbardton got the name from this fixture does look as if it’s blooming, right? Created from a single steel tube, the Full Bloom is laser cut, then heated and expanded for a gorgeous metal mesh shade in a variety of colors. See it in Waltham with a Black finish.

As always, our lighting experts are always happy to answer any questions. Stop by one of our showrooms soon!


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