Mass Save Rebate Program: Save Money Now with LED Lighting

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With today’s harsh economy, every cent counts.

Thankfully, the latest Mass Save Rebate Program allows you to save money by upgrading your business to energy saving LED reflector lamps. These lamps are priced between $50.00 and $60.00 and are eligible for rebates up to $40.00 per lamp. LED lights also last longer than incandescent and halogen versions, carrying an additional savings of up to $600.00 over the life of the lamp. Whether you are in an office environment or a retail store, this energy efficient rebate program may be the right economical solution for your business. If you are a business customer of National Grid or NSTAR and are currently using incandescent or halogen reflector lamps, you may be eligible for the Mass Save Rebate Program.

Contact us at Wolfers Lighting and one of our expert lighting consultants will help you get started.

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