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When it comes to dimming lights, none of us probably think twice about it, right? We turn a knob or program a master control, and voilà!

Before the late 1950s, however, the technology used for dimming lights was complex, expensive, and rarely seen outside of stage theaters.

But that all changed when a young physicist named Joel Spira decided he wanted to make a device to dim lights one that was simple and affordable enough for everyday people to use in their homes.

Spira began his quest by commandeering a spare bedroom in his New York City apartment and setting up a makeshift lab. His hard work paid off in 1959 when he “emerged from his lab with a solid-state dimmer that could replace the light switch in a standard residential wallbox.”

Not only that, but Spira’s dimmer generated less heat and used less energy two more big benefits that helped his technology take off and solidified Lutron Electronics as the leader in the space for decades to come.

Always innovating, Lutron is still famous for its lighting, controls, and wireless technology. The company that started out with two products now provides over 15,000 to customers worldwide. Here are some highlights…



Lutron Controls: No Project is Too Big or Small

If you need to dim it, Lutron can do it. At Wolfers, we regularly use their keypads, switches, and sleek interfaces. But it’s not just us. Lutron lighting controls are everywhere from the White House to Windsor Castle.

Why? Versatility.

Lutron controls range from individual dimmers to complete systems used in building complexes. Not to mention Lutron dimmers work well with LED lamps and fixtures. In fact, Lutron regularly audits how their dimmers perform with different lighting manufacturers, and it publishes the results for public review.


Lutron Shades Provide Even More Lighting Control

We often talk about how leveraging natural daylight is an easy way to save energy. Lutron can help you do exactly that with high quality automated shades in a variety of attractive fabrics/weaves ranging from full blackout to airy shades that allow light to come in while reducing glare. Lutron also offers easy integration with smartphones/tablets, making your home automation a breeze.



More Options for Energy Savings

Want to save even more energy? Lutron has other energy-saving products to consider. Think occupancy sensors, vacancy sensors, daylight sensors, and astral clocks all can lend a hand around the house to make sure that lights are off when not needed, saving energy and dollars to boot.

Here’s a fun fact from Lutron’s site: “No matter where they’re installed or how big the system, every Lutron product saves energy by reducing electrical consumption. Taken as a whole, Lutron light controls have reduced electrical use by 9.2 billion kWh, which reduces our customers’ electric bills by $1 billion annually.”


The best part? Wolfers Lighting is your one-stop shop for integrating Lutron’s excellent products and technology into your home or office. Our technology division, System 7, knows the ins and outs of the technology, and Wolfers Lighting and The Boston Shade Company can make sure you have the perfect products (shades, fixtures, and controls) for whatever it is you’re trying to achieve in your space.

Stop by Wolfers Waltham and let’s chat!



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