Lighting Trends: Edge Lit LED Technology

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We’ve had so much fun watching LED technology evolve over the years. The newest trend you’ll likely start hearing about is “edge lit LED.”

Just as the name suggests, edge lit LEDs are placed along the perimeter of a diffuser, which carries and distributes the light. This approach saves energy (since it uses fewer LED bulbs) while still looking great (it provides a sleeker profile, since the LEDs are essentially hidden), and distributes light evenly. In other words, edge lit LEDS will take your decorative lighting to a new level.

Below are some of our favorites edge lit LEDs.

Hubbardton Forge's Flux Pendant is a good example of beauty and utility.

 1. Hubbardton Forge “Flux” Pendant. At first, you’ll fall in love with the cool sculpture, but once you see how much great light this pendant casts, there will be no turning back. It’s available in Vintage Platinum, Soft Gold, and Hubbardton’s newest finish, Gloss White. See it on display in both of our lighting showrooms.

Sonneman's Stiletto offers the frosted glass to evenly distribute light.

2. Sonneman’s Stiletto Bath Bar. Sonneman is another name that’s synonymous with quality lighting, and this bath bar is no exception. The contemporary styling and edge-lit fixtures go hand in hand the diffuser casts a surprising amount of soft light in 3000K. Plus, it’s is dimmable. Score! See it in person in Waltham and Allston.


Tech Lighting's Mura sconce

3. Tech Lighting’s “Mura” Sconces. The great thing about edge-lit LED technology is that it’s functional and aesthetically pleasing, as you can see from this wall sconce, where the LED emphasizes the patterned diffuser as it casts light up and down.



4. Sonneman “Spire” and “Trinity” Chandeliers. Here’s another great decorative lighting approach. These clear pieces of glass carry the light in the chrome tops and distribute it below the fixture, resulting in illuminated lined etchings for a beautiful decorative touch AND light directed down where it’s needed. See the Spire in our Allston showroom, and the Trinity in Waltham.

Do you have questions about LEDs? Make sure you download our free LED buying guides. And, of course, you can always make an appointment with a Wolfers lighting consultant.


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