Lighting Trends 2018: Recap of Lightovation

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Last month, Lightovation 2018 took place at the Dallas Market Center in Texas. Lightovation is always a special event, but this year, it was even better than usual.

As Cindy Morris, Dallas Market Center president and CEO, explains: “The January show was clearly the strongest buying event in recent memory as we delivered more of what retailers and designers need: new showrooms, new products, inspiring events, and interaction with industry influencers.”

Speaking of inspiration, here are some of the lighting trends we can’t wait to share in our showrooms.


Quoizel debuted the Reveal collection this winter.

1. Matte Black. Not that black has ever gone out of fashion, but this “new” trend towards black lighting fixtures is heating up, and we couldn’t be happier. Black fixtures are so sleek, so sophisticated, so versatile.

See this lighting trend in action. These gorgeous fixtures from Quoizel’s “Reveal” collection complete this kitchen’s hip look while providing ample light. As Quoizel says, “The earth black finish is velvety smooth and contrasts perfectly against the sleek chrome details of the center stem, arms and candle sleeves. Hinged brackets connect the framework in an edgy integration of form and function.”


Tech Lighting's Oko Bath Light

2. Revamped Brass Finishes. We’ve talked about the wonders of brass before. This trend shows no sign of slowing down, and that’s a good thing. After all, this is NOT your grandmother’s brass, meaning that yellow, mirror-like finish from years ago.

Today’s brass is often presented in deeper yellows and with a more brushed or matte finish this rich finish can add pop and sparkle to many spaces.

See this lighting trend in action. Tech Lighting’s new arrivals feature some fantastic examples of brass, such as its Modern Rail Chandelier concept (below), and also its Oko Bath Light (above). 

Tech Lighting's Modern Rail

3. The Internet of Things (IoT). You’ve likely heard about the IoT, which is a fancy way of saying we live in an increasingly connected world. Think of all the devices we use to sensor things like motion, lights, and temperature. The list is seemingly endless and so, too, are the applications, not to mention all the analytics we can derive from these devices analytics and information that can help us make decisions and live more comfortably.

See this trend in action: At Lightovation, both Modern Forms and Minka Aire demoed ceiling fans with smartphone integration, allowing maximum control.


The acrylic diffusers on this Modern Forms chandelier refract light in a dazzling way.

4. Lucite gets all the love. Lucite, or acrylic, was prominent, with many manufacturers featuring their take on LED lamps illuminating this material.

See this trend in action: This shot of a chandelier from Modern Forms (above) beautifully captures the wonders of Lucite. What a dazzling effect!

Another showroom favorite featuring Lucite is this close-up of a Varaluz fixture with acrylic rods illuminated by candelabra lamps.

Veraluz has their own take on lucite with this close-up.

5. Hubbardton Forge teases everyone with beautiful previews. Last year, we wrote about Hubbardton Forge’s two new lines (Vermont Modern and Synchronicity), and their second year of designs did not disappoint. It introduced its “New Traditional” collection, in addition to updates to Synchronicity (featuring new Swarovski crystals) and Vermont Modern 2.0 (featuring products with locally sourced wood).

See this lighting trend in action: This chime pendant from Hubbardton’s New Traditional collection shows how Hubbardton is reimagining the word “traditional” while maintaining its commitment to impeccable design.

Hubbardton Forge's Chime chandelier is both contemporary with a traditional feel.

What’s coming to our showrooms and when? Many of the manufacturers don’t have these items available for shipment yet, but stay tuned. We’ll let you know the minute these gorgeous pieces land in our stores.


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