Lighting Tips for Fall

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Get ready for winter with these tips!

Fall is officially here, and with it comes many fun things: football, pumpkin-flavored everything, Halloween, and yard work.

OK, so maybe that last item on the list isn’t always fun, but it sure is important. Raking, cleaning gutters, checking roofs homeowners should tackle these tasks before the snow flies, along with maintenance inside the home, like getting the chimney serviced, replacing batteries in the fire alarms, and so forth.

All that said, one thing many people overlook as they plan their fall honey-do list is lights. Not to worry! We’re here to help. Here are some lighting tips to keep in mind as you go about your fall chores, along with some great LED lights to consider.

  1. Check your floodlights and other exterior lights. Are they working properly (including sensors)? Any bulbs out? Remember, it’s getting darker earlier, which means you want your outside lights in proper working order for both safety and security reasons. (No one likes slipping and falling on darkened walkways, right?)
  2. Consider swapping out flood and exterior lights for LEDs. Using LEDs can help you save money and energy, not to mention the longer life will mean less climbing on ladders in frigid temperatures to change bulbs.

 A great floodlight to consider? RAB Lighting’s Bullet2X12W, which boasts these features:

Rab's Bullet 2X12W

  • Two adjustable 12W LED floodlights
  • Equivalent to 2x75W BR30/halogen/wide floods
  • Microprismatic diffusion lens optimizes light output without glare
  • 100,000-hour LED Lifespan


You can see the RAB floodlight on display in our Waltham lighting showroom (and we keep the sensors in stock).

  1. Take back control. Why fumble around for switches? Today’s LEDs have numerous lighting control options available, like the Lutron Caséta. Mount a Pico remote in your car OR use Geofencing and the Lutron app your lights will turn on as you arrive home. Nifty.
  1. Don’t overlook aesthetics. You want the outside of your home to be warm and inviting, right? Well, LEDs can help they’re not just for utility. A great lighting product to consider for outside fixtures: Spotlite-USA’s All Glass Body Candle LED Torpedo. The product manufacturer notes that these lamps cast light in all directions, including down.

Spotlite's Bare Filament LED

  1. Inside your home, replace incandescent bulbs with LEDS. Over the long-term, LEDs can help reduce your electricity bill. In turn, these savings can help offset costs incurred from heating your home during the colder months. In addition to being more energy efficient, LEDS also offer these other great benefits:
  • LEDs last longer than incandescent, halogen, and CFL light bulbs.
  • LEDs produce much less heat than the standard light sources in the marketplace.
  • LEDs offer much more versatility in design, thanks to their small size and color temperature options.
  • Gas and electric utilities in Massachusetts offer rebates and incentives on certain LED bulbs and fixtures, offsetting the higher price in comparison to incandescent.


If you have questions regarding interior or exterior lighting, we’re happy to help. Make an appointment with a Wolfers lighting consultant today.



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