Lighting Strategy for Home Entertaining

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In the midst of one of the biggest holiday weeks of the year, are you looking around your home and thinking that there’s still some room for improvement? Make your next gathering better than the last by revamping your lighting strategy!

Here are a few tips to make the most out of your lighting scheme while hosting company:


The Grand Entrance

The saying “you only get one chance to make a first impression” can certainly be applied to your home’s entrance. Test out your fixtures to make sure it’s safe for guests on a walkway, and check if lighting is sufficient by steps or stones. Adding a strong, but not overpowering, feature light at your front door acts as a beacon to guests welcoming them to your home.


The Dining Room

Chances are, you will be entertaining and serving a meal in the dining room. A chandelier, often the focal point, can also enhance the mood. You can alter the feel of an existing chandelier by swapping out the shades or switching to decorative specialty bulbs. Lower wattage can help set the mood. If a change is in order, selecting the proper size chandelier for your room is essential and don’t forget the matching sconces for the perimeter.


Bottom line: A nice, soft light adds warmth and intimacy to the dining experience.

The Kitchen

Make areas where the majority of guests congregate well-lit. Since most of the action happens in the kitchen, you want to be able to see what you’re doing! Bright and efficient task lights will not only help you, but also any guests helping themselves or lending a hand.


Around the House

For a festive party-like atmosphere, use accent lighting for areas of interest. Focus attention on a side table with appetizers, a board game table or bar area.

Keep it simple: If you are looking to highlight something for guests or show off seasonal items (like a Christmas tree or menorah), concentrate on lighting these focal points with a spot light or mantle light.

Layering light, using ambient (general), task and accent light sources, will offer greater flexibility. And don’t forget, with a dimmer, you can adjust the intensity of the light to match the changing tone and mood of your gathering.

Remember: The best lighting strategy is having good company to enjoy it with!

If you would like to update your home’s lighting strategy, contact us to speak with a Wolfers lighting expert.

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