Lighting Design Review: Our Process

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Throughout our website and blog, we encourage people to make an appointment with one of our lighting consultants. Sounds good, but what happens during one of these lighting consulations? What is our lighting design review process actually like?


Here’s the scoop.

Before we review any plans, we strive to match you with the right lighting consultant for your needs. No doubt, you want to work with a lighting expert who is knowledgeable. But the consultant should also be a good fit personally.

At Wolfers, our lighting showroom managers do an excellent job of matching customers to the right lighting consultants. 

From there, we typically follow these steps.

Step 1. We review your lighting plans. We go over the actual designs (if you have them) room-by-room, hallway-by-hallway. If you don’t have physical plans, we discuss your vision for your space.

 We encourage questions. In fact, the sign of a quality lighting consultant is someone who asks YOU just as many questions as you ask him or her. Our job is to think of things you never even considered.

Step 2. We help you make your decorative selections. This is a fun step for you and for us. We guide you on different options while making sure you keep two essential points in mind:

  • Your overall budget
  • How long you plan to stay in the home

Budget is everything, but the type of residence you’re lighting also plays a role. For example, the decorative products we recommend for a temporary home or a first home will likely be different from the ones we suggest for a forever home.

Step 3. We go over the controls layout. We’ve seen great advancements in lighting control technology over the last several years. (Check out our article on wireless lighting control.) It’s important to understand your options and to create a layout that is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Remember, lighting a home has become much more complex in the last decade, thanks to LEDs. In the Northeast in particular, people are looking for better color, dimmabilty, and brightness. Our goal is to help you capture all three in a package that suits your budget. (Make sure you download our free LED Buying Guide.)

Speaking of budgets, people often ask if we charge for our consultations. We don’t charge you for your initial appointment. We do charge for certain services, however, such as site visits and drawing reflective plans or CAD services. We’re always clear and up front with customers about any costs they’ll incur (transparency is important to us).

Watch one of our fabulous lighting consultants, Edwin Yeung, describe the process in his own words

Would you be interested in scheduling a lighting design review? Make an appointment with one of our lighting consultants now.


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