LED Lighting: Today’s Energy-Saving Solution for Your Business

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Mulberry Road green lighting

Wolfers Lighting recently worked with Mulberry Road, a children’s store located on Newbury Street in downtown Boston. Our expert lighting consultant collaborated with the storeowner to develop a lighting plan that would be energy efficient yet cost effective, as the store is open for 8 to 10 hours each day. LED lights were chosen as the best energy-saving solution for Mulberry Road. Wolfers selected Lightolier LED track heads, which use only 17 watts per fixture – two-thirds less wattage than a 50-watt MR16 bulb – and light the retail space warmly and appropriately. Additionally, the LED track lights have a life of 50,000 hours, lasting 15 years before needing replacement and emitting less heat than an MR16 bulb. These provide a remarkable savings in cost and energy.

Mulberry Road will not only avoid the hassles of re-lamping their fixtures every month, but they will also save a great deal of money on their electric bills. One particular note about this project is that it qualified for an NSTAR pre-approved utility rebate, which helped fund the use of these energy-saving LED track lights. Visit us today to learn more about LED Lighting and to schedule your next design consultation.

Check out these photos of the Mulberry Road project.

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