Landscape LED Lighting – New Trend at Lightfair 2012

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Landscape LED Lighting – New Trend at Lightfair 2012

Wolfers’ very own lighting designer, Susan Arnold, recently attended this year’s Lightfair, the largest architectural and commercial lighting tradeshow and conference in the country. With over 700 aisles full of lighting manufacturers, this three-day event showcased the hottest trends and newest developments in today’s lighting industry.

While spring lighting trends like bright colors and crystals were apparent, Susan found one of the biggest trends at the conference to be the introduction of landscape LEDs. Manufacturers currently on the green lighting bandwagon presented new LED fixtures designed specifically for landscape lighting schemes.

Manufacturers such as HK, Aurora, and more, featured tiny LED fixtures ideal for landscapes. These micro fixtures provide consumers with a discrete and flexible lighting option for exterior illumination. The appeal of these fixtures is their versatility – many of the featured lights offer different settings, giving users the option to adjust the lens to spotlight, floodlight, wide-flood, etc.

With the heavy presence of LED products at this year’s Lightfair, especially with the addition of landscape LEDs, it’s quite apparent that this lighting trend is here to stay. Manufacturers worldwide continue to implement green lighting practices into their lighting plans. To learn more about the latest in LED lighting products and energy efficient technology, visit Wolfers’ Green Zone


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