Introducing Arnsberg: An Innovative Lighting Manufacturer

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We’re excited to introduce you to a new lighting manufacturer, Arnsberg.

Founded in Germany by two families with deep experience in the lighting industry, Arnsberg is named after the city of Arnsberg, Germany, an area renowned for its influence on lighting, starting way back in 1830 with petroleum lamps. After the dawn of electricity, the city continued to flourish. Today, it is home to some of the largest lighting companies.

Arnsberg’s mission is simple:  to provide “the best lighting available at an affordable price.” We love the modern and contemporary stylings of their fixtures as well as their budget-friendly price points.

Here are some current favorites.


1. Dessau LED Desk Lamp. If you’re a fan of sleek lines and contemporary styling, you’re going to love the Dessau. Perfect for back to school (or the office), this desk lamp comes in 3000K and offers easy dimming through a handy knob on the base. We keep it stocked in Matte Nickel in both showrooms.



2. Tampa Torchiere. This floor lamp has personality! It stands 70 inches tall with a gorgeous nickel trimmed diffuser and an adjustable side arm to boot. Like the Dessau, the Tampa also comes in 3000K and has a touch dimmer. Check it out in both showrooms.



3. Wilhelm LED Table Lamp. When you hear the words “table lamp,” it’s easy to be dismissive, thinking whatever we’re going to suggest will be boring. But then you get a look at the Wilhelm and you discover just how cool and contemporary a table lamp can be. Seriously, we’re not sure which part we love more: the opal glass, the matte nickel, or the chrome. (Not to mention the fabulous price.) You can’t go wrong with this lamp. See it in Waltham for yourself.




4. Pecos Outdoor Wall Light in Smoke Black. Add a touch of class to your home’s exterior with this gorgeously simple outdoor wall sconce in Smoke Black. It comes in 3000K and yes, it’s wet-listed. See it in Waltham. 

Need ideas for the perfect fixture for your home or office? Our lighting experts can help. Make an appointment or stop by one of our showrooms soon.


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